Sitri Slyker

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Sitri Slyker

Post by illirica » Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:16 pm

Can you just... give up your power?

Some people can.

Sitri did.

She's twenty-six, now. Working as a waitress, sometimes as security. She's very good with handguns. She's still got a bit of empathy. It helps her stay on track. The rest of it is gone, now, though.

She decided she'd rather just...
...try to be...

✡ Sitri Slyker ✡


Alias: None. Unlike much of the meta-community, Sitri is generally publicly known by her real name.

Age: 25

Description: A young woman, with dark blonde hair and eyes of blue-and-gold, constantly shifting, always unseeing.

Lineage: Scion of a mortal woman and the fallen Watcher Shemhazai, bound to her namesake demon.

Alignment: She tries to be good.

Right for you in all the wrong ways...

The daughter of a woman with a tiny bit of ability and a far tinier bit of sense, Sitri's mother was desperate for a child - and when conventional and most unconventional abilities failed, she indebted herself for a summoning circle to give her the child she needed. By the time the baby was born, her mother had lost more or less everything, except for the child. The daughter of a fallen angel, her mother named her after a demon in some misbegotten sense that it would keep her safe. It almost worked.

Sitri grew up in a trailer park in Northern Michigan with her mother, who she doesn't talk about much. Sitri doesn't really get along much with her mother - though her mother isn't abusive or unkind, she's very overprotective and Sitri finds her stifling, which is why when she graduated high school she promptly moved across the country to LA in a '99 Ford pickup with nothing but a hunting rifle and a few changes of clothes.

She started working as a waitress, and was doing so for about 4 years until she met another semi-hero, who offered Sitri a job as security personnel. Sitri accepted the opportunity and was working there when it was attacked by a masked crusader, and Sitri was injured and blinded while trying to defend the studio.

After LA's flavor changed - and, to be honest, Sitri changed - she decided it was time to move on with life and find a new direction, and now lives in Cincinnati.

Since then, she's been training diligently to regain a measure of self-sufficiency, using both her regular senses and learning to use the special abilities her nephilim heritage gives her. The nature of her inheritance makes heroism difficult, or even sometimes impossible... but she tries to be good.

Empathy (Receptive): Sitri’s intrinsic meta-ability is empathy - the ability to sense the emotions of others. This is not thought-reading or mind-reading, she is not able to paint a clear picture of what others are thinking based on emotional state. With practice, she has learned to determine emotional states as an almost precognitive sense, by interpreting what actions are most likely to follow the emotions she senses.

Empathy (Projective): While she has shown in a controlled situation that she is also able to use projective empathy to influence the emotions of others, she feels that this is inherently wrong.
✡Daughter of Enoch (Nephilim)✡
Flawless: Due to the genetic influence of the heavenly host, her appearance is attractive and flawless. This is why her hair always looks awesome. Sitri thinks this is kind of a useless ability.

Healing: Any wound she takes will eventually heal completely and fully, without leaving any lasting damage or scarring. It should be noted that this is not the same as a healing factor - injuries still take time to heal, it is just that when they do heal, they will do so without any permanent damage.

Flight: Sitri's Nephilim form is capable of flight. It has wings, which start out as invisible. The more she shifts into her Nephilim aspect, the more visible the wings become. Sitri hates flying, and doesn't do it much.

Theological Portal of Despair: The fallen and all their descendants were barred from heaven for time eternal. Sitri can sense the presence of holy ground that touches on those heavens, and by reaching for them and failing, she is able to move between holy sites.

Naming: By inheritance from her father Shemhazai, Sitri’s strongest Nephilim powers are attributed to the power of Name. She has the ability to name things: to figure out their true nature based on name, but also to determine their true nature based on name - meaning at her peak, Sitri could change what something is by renaming it. The only thing Sitri has actually managed to Name so far, though, is herself, and that was by accident.
✡Demonic Namesake✡
Absorb Negativity: Bound to the demon she was named for, she is fueled by negative influences, and indeed the more negative influences she absorbs, the more powerful she is able to become. Since she’s not able to feed off of positive feelings, Sitri isn’t willing to do the things she would have to do to become a top tier player in this aspect.

Shield: Charm of Enoch - A bracelet with a six-pointed star, given to Sitri by a Rabbi, she is able to channel her fallen angel heritage through it to produce a spherical shield that will deflect or nullify nearly any physical attack or attack with a perceptible physical presence, like fire or lightning. It does not block mental effects.

Sword: Watcher's Blade - In its base form, a white cane like any blind person may carry. Sitri is able to channel her dual nature into it at will. Composed of a balanced mixture of holy and unholy energy, it cuts through most natural substances, and Sitri is able to alter the balance of the blade to turn it into either a divine weapon or a demonic one.

Handguns - 9mm, .45.

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Re: Sitri Slyker

Post by illirica » Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:17 pm

Just a repost, some of you who were using columns may notice that your bio got all screwed up. For whatever reason, it won't fix itself on the original thread, but if you wish to repost your character and just copy/paste the formatting, it works that way.

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