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The Cultivator (Bio).

Posted: Sun May 27, 2018 9:31 pm
by Orph
Name: Alton Temple.

Alias: The Cultivator.

Age: 19.

Alignment: Chaotic Scientist.

The Future of Man

"I can save everyone. Whether they want me to or not."

Alton knew from a young age that he was going to save the world. He decided he had to, because no one else would. They all cared about themselves, and improving their lot in life, even if it was at the expense of those around them. It was the classic 'Race to the Bottom:' if one person decides to sacrifice their morals for profit, like polluting the environment rather than spending a little more on clean solutions, then everyone else follows suit, or they'll be outcompeted, and die off. Alton decided to become the exception to the rule. He would cultivate a new society, through his intellect, and his philosophy. A grand experiment, his Brave New World, which would provide a shining example to the rest of the world of all that they could be.

Alton left home at seventeen, armed only with his laptop, and a few thousand dollars- his personal savings, accumulated through gifts from relatives during the holidays over the years. He never asked for an Xbox, or a bicycle, only savings bonds, which his confused parents nevertheless provided. He used his coding skills to drain money from deserving individuals' accounts, and used it to finance the City. He decided to base himself at the South Pole, on land considered so cold as to be uninhabitable. He'd devised a weather-impervious design, and hard-suits to go along with it, which he used to shelter himself during construction. Not that he hired contractors, of course. Alton used self-replicating assemblers to build the City, protected by a massive dome, to keep-safe his new city. Once it was completed, he began growing human clones, to seed the new society- and he began experimenting. He hoped never to have to use them, but he knew he would need to build weapons. One of his earliest experiments was self-focused, giving his body an incredible amount of plasticity. He uses it to make parts of his body larger- mostly his brain, providing a boost to his intellect when necessary.

After a year in the City, Alton came to a realization. He had created a beautiful society, but it felt hollow. Everyone was a clone, free of outside bias or corruption. It was as if he'd tried to redeem humanity by replacing it. He decided he needed an outside influence, so he appointed a regent, to watch over the City in his stead, and left to the outside world. He found several hundred people who were, as he had been, fed up with the injustices of modern society, and offered them the chance to earn their place in the City. They accepted, and he took them there. But they were not given their places without charge. To earn your place in the City, you must first survive the Dome. A hyperbaric time-dialation chamber, where a day can be stretched into a year, or an hour into a week. It's a survival scenario, but the win condition isn't to be the sole winner, killing everyone else. It's a test of cooperation and coordination. The conditions are set so you cannot win alone against a group- those that emerge must win together, not apart.

A Mind Like Fire

The Cultivator is, by his own estimate, possessed of a 240 IQ. 'That,' he likes to joke, 'means I'm smart enough to know IQ is meaningless.' Still, it's not hard to tell that he's an unparalleled genius. He can hold an intelligent conversation with a Nobel laureate, play chess with a Grandmaster, and micromanage construction of a Dyson Sphere, all at once, without missing a beat. However, he doesn't generally use it for combat, viewing violence as a last resort, if ever used at all. His main tool his his helmet, which is wired into the internal workings of the City, and has some defensive tools as well. The 'eye' in the center of the helmet functions as a forcefield projector, able to both shield Alton and project a field around others. His black costume is also advanced technology, being perfectly weightless, and functionally allowing Alton to fly, though not at speed.


Re: The Cultivator (Bio).

Posted: Sun May 27, 2018 9:39 pm
by Magnetar
These two are gonna have words.

Re: The Cultivator (Bio).

Posted: Sun May 27, 2018 10:01 pm
by Azra
Sir your helmet is just silly
Dig the background and the "villainous" ideas of his

Re: The Cultivator (Bio).

Posted: Sun May 27, 2018 10:19 pm
by AllSight
he looks like a competitive futuristic cyclist