Jackal, The Cape-Killer

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Jackal, The Cape-Killer

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"Are you really the best that you can be?"


Name: Farim Kusanagi "I don't remember."

Alias: Jackal, The God-Hand, The Dark Demi-God, Meta-Slayer, Brick-Buster, The Self Made Monster, Violence Personified, The Wrath of the Third World, Child of the Blood Diamond, The Cape Killer, Enlightened Demon,

Identity: Public

Gender: Male

Age: 40 [Appears to be in his twenties]

Species: Transhuman/Humanoid

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Red. [Turns Gold with the use of his powers]

Skin Color: Pale [Albino]

Ethnicity: [DNA Samples mix to be a mixture combination of Japanese and African]

Height: 6 ft 2

Weight: 560 lbs [Has the build of a man who is 235]

Current Events

Having been previously captured by authorities. Jackal is in the midst of a prison escape. Will he fight with his savior or kill every metahuman on sight?

Warning: The Following Information is considered PPI. This information is not to be legally released until authorized by the government.

"The following information was gathered in a prison interview, which attempted to discern his psyche. They started from scratch, given that there is no real record of Jackal's birth or anything which might even say what his real name is.

Jackal likes to think that he is a simple man with simple desires. Yet another damned soul in a world made by a seemingly unforgiving and uncaring god, where chaos reigns supreme and men are born with powers they shouldn't have. Born a human, Jackal was shunned as a boy for his appearance. He had white hair, blood red eyes and pale skin. Like some sort of demon.

A few kids even tried to kill him. But they never could. The kid had learned to hate himself. But instead of crying about it -- he hurt himself in other way. He would run his body ragged. Whenever he wasn't fighting, he would train. He would eat. And even steal from other kids who had previously bullied him. He would kill animals and eat them, scavenging in the woods for it rather than grow weak and wait for his parents to give him food like other kids. It wasn't long before the kid could fight grown men and found himself beating the parents of his "village." [Information indicative of Jackal being born in a less developed country.]

Soon even his father had deemed him a monster, and did his damdest to kill him. He failed, and Jackal ran way from home.

Eventually Jackal found a new village. He lived in that village for years, tending to to farms and working under a new roof. He lived mostly alone. Soon however, the village was caught in a war and attacked. He was found by a group of soldiers who indoctrinated children into their ranks. Being that he survived the attack easily and killed so many of their soldier, Jackal was indoctrinated himself.

Apparently, he was called a demon before. Despite how many people he had killed, he didn't know how to use a gun until someone actually taught him how to. And this made him all the more effective as a killer.

He became a legend among children who had become his friends. Soon they were one of the best in the country, guns to be pointed wherever they saw fit. They all trained and were honored as warrior. They were at times, even treated to the finest food available at times. For the first time in his fucked up life, he was among friends. One day, he even took mercy upon a girl. She had killed one of his friend. And he gave her an AK-47. She was older than he and wiser, but he taught her the ways of the battlefield. Soon they became fast friends and she was his second in command. He called her his sister, and for years she had looked after him. Jackal was showered in praise, soon becoming like a hero. Like a god of battle. Someone all had looked up to at a time.

However, in spite of how hard he worked it all came an end when one metahuman capable of manipulating the weather massacred his entire battalion. Mist blinded them and rendered them sitting ducks to an ambush. Lightning struck down their commander in a single center. And this one mutant stood at the center of it all. Jackal had tried to oppose her, him and his sister being the last ones left.

And she struck them down too.

Jackal was the only one who survived. And something within him had changed in response to the lightning strike. From that day forward, as Jackal trained, he began to understand more of the world and himself. And he would only grow stronger and smarter with seemingly no limit as a result of the encounter. He had come to hate mutant and metahuman kind and vows to destroy, despite having become arguably something similar.

When asked of his current motivations, Jackal usually says something similar.

A recording plays Jackal's voice.


The video was acquired from a random clip on the internet which floats along the fringe shadows. Few mainstream website seem to host the interview conducted by an other-wise nameless web host who sought to unravel the mysteries of the fighter and murder known only to the public as Jackal.

Interviewer: "First Question. Why do you look like that? You're hair is white and it stands up strangely."

Jackal: "Born that way."

Interviewer: "Alright. Now for something a little more serious. Jackal. How many people have you killed?"

Jackal: "I dunno. Maybe a little over a hundred, for sure. I don't keep track."

Interviewer: "Wouldn't that number be something valuable to you. I mean, if you're a serial killer and all...?"


Jackal's brow furrows a bit. The camera noticeably begins to shake, obviously filmed on nothing more than the man's smartphone.

Jackal: "You sound like a disappointed fan."

Behind the Camera, the man can be heard choking on his next words for a moment as he says that. Then he takes a breath.

Interviewer: "So Mr. uh, Jackal. Where do I start? Pretty simple question. You have acquired a reputation for being what most people consider chaotic or immoral. So my question as to you is what are? A hero? A villain? Neither? Why do you fight?"

Jackal: "You know that's a good ass question there Jimmy. You name isn't really Jimmy is it?"

Interviewer: "Uh."

Jackal: "Alright then Jimmy. Plane and simple, to evolve. And to discover."

Interviewer: "Discover what? And to evolve how?"

Jackal: "How am I supposed to know that?"

Interviewer: "Are you saying you just kill indiscriminately?"

Jackal: "Did Alexander Flemming just get up and say "I'm gonna discover penicillin?" No? Didn't think so. It was an accident, right?

So what better "

Aether, Qi, Mana, Akasha or so on and so forth. Energy. Force. Matter. Everything. Seemingly, every culture seems to consistently depict a great esoteric force or energy which is the responsible for the workings of everything. Perhaps human thoughts are capable of shaping the universe. But for whatever reason, Jackal's has the knowledge and ability that outclass any metahuman. And he seems to claim that this ability is something that anyone can learn.

The power is dubbed as Omnikinesis for it's theoretical ability to manipulate anything. Only god knows what the man would be able to accomplish if he could influence things beyond a point blank range, given that he is capable of manipulating everything, from creating fire in the palm of his hand to speeding up ambient time around him to achieve super speed.


Jackal's ability in the most simple form is the ability to manipulate anything within point blank range. This extends to his body and anything within immediate contact of his skin. The cost of the manipulation is dependent wholly on the type of feat Jackal wishes to accomplish, for all feats require energy. This lends this ability to have to be used conservatively.

His power comes from sources that have yet to be actually identified. Even Jackal himself can hardly explain it. But it seems to come from within.

Jackal is capable of carrying approximately 120 megajoules of energy in his body at any given time. Any more than this and his body begins to become unstable. Any more energy than this and he runs the risk of detonating.

Drain: Jackal is capable of manipulating the human body and any chemically reactive material so as to draw energy from it in a way almost like a vampire. However, this is only seemingly able to be exerted over sentient beings.

However, Jackal seemingly has no trouble draining energy from plants or animals.

Enflame: Jackal wreathes his fists in fire, threatening to set his enemies ablaze and melt their their armor.

Electrify: Jackal channels lightning into his hand paralyzing living targets like a living taser and disrupting machinery.
  • EMP: Jackal sends out an electromagnetic pulse in all directions, knocking out non-EMP hardened equipment for about a block. Surprisingly energy consuming.
Resonance: Jackal vibrates his body to strike at an opponent's internal organs, vibrating them directly. Or otherwise vibrates his way through matter in a way not like some speedster. Although when Jackal uses this, it's inherently destructive.

Bio-Kinesis: The ability to control organic matter. In this way, Jackal has used it to transform himself into a being which is stronger.
  • Depowering: Jackal is capable of depowering Regions of his body that he touches and manipulating the genetic physiology of such individuals. The ease of this accomplishment depends on the individual in question and of Jackal's understanding of them.
Decay: The ability to rot things away with his touch. Difficult to perform on sentient things. But easy to perform on generally chemically reactive materials like oil or plants. Difficult to do on something like styrofoam.

Self Conscious Recovery: Jackal's wounds normally take time to recover. However, using his omni-kinesis, he can recover from wounds instantly if he focuses on that wound.

Thought Shield: A barrier of thought energy which shields Jackal from any and every kind of damage when active. The down side being that it requires an equal amount of energy to defend against things. This does however, enable Jackal to defend against unquantifiable things with ease. For instance, magic used directly tends to fail on him if it isn't outright absorbed, becoming more a contest of wills than anything else.

This field however requires conscious effort to be raised meaningfully. And defending against attacks with it requires conscious effort for him to see and address it specifically.

Bullets, explosives, strikes and the like for instance not able to be negated.

Accelerate: The manipulation of space time to achieve speed, rather than of the physical body. With this, Jackal becomes able to move with unparalleled control. He can walk, run and act at superspeed without having to worry about inertia. However, it almost his strength while in use and produces a tremendous strain on his energy reserves.

Adhesion: The ability to stick to objectives via Van-Der-Waals force.

Phantom: Jackal devises a phantasmal form which moves in sync with his body and enables him to touch things on other planes of existence.

These are but applications of a nearly infinitely versatile power. Who knows where his limits lie?

Jackal's body is no longer really able to be considered "human". He has evolved far beyond that point into something else by seemingly the self conscious movement of his own atoms and ingestion of elements that would otherwise be deadly to human beings. As a result, Jackal hosts a body which is comprised of mostly Carbon Nanotubes and Boron Nitride Nanotubes.

Jackal can and does still need to eat to nourish parts of his body. But eating food normally only conveys human amounts of energy. Though this does restore his mass. And he must eat much more than most humans in order to gain energy from it. Efficiency is aided however by his omnikinesis. One flaw of his body is it's ability to burn itself out and thus weaken Jackal as a whole the more he uses his high degrees of strength.

Rapid Learning: Simply put, Jackal can learn things very rapidly by watching, studying and performing this action. He learns faster than most human beings can since he was a boy. This has only come to exponentially increase. One can only imagine what he could do if he dedicated himself to learning things outside of combat and philosophy. Given how well his body is structured even, he may be even smarter than he lets on.

Perception: Jackal can see things most people can't. Meditation has lead him to have an surprising degree understanding of natural forces and phenomena. All because of fighting of course.
  • EM Spectrum Perception: Jackal can see across the electromagnetic spectrum. From microwaves to gamma rays to even tuning his eyes to see energies a person gives off.
  • Nanoscopic Vision: Jackal can see things on the scale of molecules. And can expand out to macroscopic levels to see things much bigger like cells and DNA.
  • Enhanced Hearing: The ability to hear most things.
Strength: Jackal can regularly lift somewhere in the range of several dozen tons. He is capable at this point, of tearing apart most ordinary materials.
  • Striking Power: Jackal's striking power is measurable in often Megajoules. Or more so on par with what you would see achieved by tanks, artillery and railguns. Thusly, Jackal's punches tend to cause shockwaves when they hit that are akin to explosions and lend his strikes to have a piercing quality to it.

Speed: Jackal can move at approximately 300 miles per hour, becoming a blur before the human eye in bursts. His limbs are capable of breaking the sound barrier many times over. The faster his whole body moves, the less control he has. Leading him to more often gauge and when and where his speed is used.
  • Acceleration: Jackal's musculature is capable of a 10,000 G contractile force. Thusly, he is capable of accelerating nigh instantly.
Durability: Jackal's durability is a constant. However, it will degrade over time if he does not eat or replenish his mass. At his peak however, he can be sent through a building and be dazed. He is mostly bulletproof, capable of withstanding anything short of an anti-tank weapon or artillery rounds without harm. His body temperature however is much more limited, as he can only withstand approximately temperatures akin to magma before his musculature starts to degrade and he experiences discomfort from his body ceasing to work properly.

Jackal is also capable of being afflicted by poisons, toxins, acids and chemicals.

His strength exceeds his durability at times, leading him to break itself.

Healing Factor: His body is shaped to optimally be able to regenerate from cuts and scrapes given a few minutes. More grievous wounds and loss of

Electricity Absorption: Jackal can absorb electricity, often converting most forms of energy to this directly.

"Be like Water Friend": An "omni-disciplinary art" as he calls it. Jackal traveled the entire world as a mere "mortal" with the goal of learning every martial art. Soon however, he found that he didn't really need to. He only needed to pick up chunks here, bits and pieces there. An idea or two or many. Whatever it is, Jackal art least has some vague knowledge of every martial art. With his enhanced mental capacity knows seemingly every throw and punch imaginable.

However, he only held onto a some moves which were useful and practiced relentlessly.

This makes Jackal a formidable hand to hand combatant.

More of a mental quirk or kink than anything else, Jackal seems to not only enjoy hurting people, but he also enjoys being hurt. Attempts to inhibit him through causing him pain seems to do the opposite, causing Euphoric sensations to resonate throughout his body. Due to the fact that Jackal doesn't actually inflict harm upon himself except by working out, he only seems to do.


Explosive throw: Jackal combines his superhuman speed with his strength skill and knowledge of leverage to throw opponents who are larger than he is. As soon as he finds himself in an advantageous position, he picks his opponent up with so much speed that he couldn't.

Counter: A strike forward to intercept an opponent who is moving towards him towards him. This hits the opponent with as much force.

Thunder-Clap: Jackal causes a blastwave by striking his palms together not unlike an explosion. This can deafen near by opponents and even threaten superhumans.

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