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The Voice of Assurance

Sitri Slyker has been many things. A waitress. A security guard. A vigilante. A bartender. Some of the things she has been, she became by choice - others were pressed upon her. Her foray into the world of metahumans was a self-proclaimed disaster - the nature of the abilities she carried at the time caused her to edge further and further toward what was likely to become full-on evil, if it couldn't be said she crossed the line one or more times already. Sitri Slyker is retired.

Long live Siri.

Nearly a year ago, she became one of the only metahumans to figure out a loophole that allowed her to erase her own meta-abilities - all but one. Once that was done, the life she had been leading quietly disappeared as well. She relocated to Cincinnati, building a quiet life as a bartender and being thankful that she didn't need to do anything more.

That was where Assurance found her. With their abilities to track people down, especially with their new facial recognition software, it wasn't much surprise that she could be located. Assurance didn't want a bartender, though - they were interested in her for the one meta-ability she had remaining: empathy.

She has been firm that she isn't intending to get back into the fight scene, but that suited Assurance's goals perfectly. Siri was brought on as a Public Relations consultant, intending specifically to work with crowds and media events, providing real-time advice on public reactions to Assurance's press releases - including those reactions people are trying very carefully to mask.


  • Name: Sitri.
  • Callsign: Siri.
  • Identity: Unimportant.
  • Occupation: Consultant, PR Division.
  • Birthplace: Manistee, Michigan.
  • Age: 26.
  • Height: 5'7.
  • Weight: 135 lbs.
  • Hair: Blonde.
  • Eyes: Blue, scarred.
  • Species: Human (Metavariant).
  • Base of Operations: Chicago.

Sitri's previous meta-incarnation was indicative of a high degree of mental instability, but her year of relative normalcy led to re-evaluation of that point. Interestingly, she seems to claim she's less sane than she actually is - while insisting on her own propensity to make remarkably bad decisions, she nonetheless presents herself as a calm, capable, and mostly professional young woman.

She had retained very few links to her past life, and most of those were easily severed. Given the year of inactivity, Sitri hasn't come up on any news feeds recently, and Assurance has gone through the trouble of quietly removing much of the data that once existed. It's understood that someone by that name once existed, but like so many heroes, faded into obscurity or died unmourned.

There are several extant individuals who may remember her, which is of some concern, but as Siri's job with Assurance is as a PR consultant and none of those individuals are aware that she retained her empathic ability - something she was careful to keep quiet on her own account - it's unlikely that her existence will draw much attention.

Despite being a metahuman herself, Sitri's experience with the metahuman scene has made her incredibly wary of them. All too many of them are the sort who want to win at any consequence, and indeed one of the consequences of such an entanglement early in Sitri's career resulted in permanent blindness, a disability which she still carries to this day.

Not only that, once she became more invested in metahuman affairs, Sitri found herself picking up that mentality as well, to her distress - it ended up being one of the leading reasons she chose an exodus from such things. She's extremely wary of the effect metahumans can have on those less powerful or less well equipped than themselves, which was the main reason why she was willing to sign on with Assurance. Their particular brand of developing equipment capable of tackling metahuman affairs for common people like police officers and security guards, she believes, will go a long way towards providing a potential balancing of the scales.


Born with a genetic trait that allows her to sense the emotions of others, Siri has learned to be adept at sorting through unconscious clues both to give her additional information on the world around her, and to compensate in part for her disability.

It should be noted that her sensing ability is emotional only - she has no ability to perceive the thoughts of others, nor the rationale behind the emotion. Anger is simply anger, and if the reason for it is not readily apparent, Siri has no idea what may have caused it. Nonetheless, many emotions are reactive, and that's why Siri works so well as a PR consultant - her ability lets her sense people's reactions to statements, and adjust the tone of a meeting immediately if a certain path doesn't seem to be working.

Sitri is familiar with handguns as part of her past security guard training. Practice has kept her fully competent, but she doesn't care to use anything other than handguns - or hunting rifles, but only for hunting. She often carries a 9mm, but would very much prefer not to be in any situation where she needs to use it.

Oddly enough, most of Siri's utility skills come from coping methods to deal with disability. As in many such cases, her other senses compensate for the lost one, and in her particular case, her metahuman nature and involvement at the time led to her senses being developed well beyond normal ranges in all cases.

She has extremely good audio recall, both for voice and sound recognition, as well as content memorization, and is able to quote back entire paragraphs of information on a single hearing. Additionally, she's able to use a rudimentary degree of echolocation to navigate her surroundings using sound. Her tactile sensitivity is also well above normal ranges, mostly used for reading in Braille.

She has excellent scent and taste discernment as well, allowing her to detect small amounts of various substances in mixtures. Mostly, this skill has been developed over the previous year through her job as a bartender, and she can reduce most drinks to their component ingredients on a single sip almost instantly.

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