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Name: Robert "Hoss" Gado

Alias(es): Hoss, Mr. Hoss, Hoss da Boss, that crazy fxxker,

Species: Human

Gender: M

Age: 44

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 200 lbs

Hoss is a Cartel drug lord who originally hailed from Blue Ridge, Georgia. He lived in a trailer park and had a "typical" background of your average criminal. Abusive, screwed up parents and a broken home, one that as he came to learn things and utilize his intelligence for greater potential, he grew out of.

He began his drug dealing career in high school, and even carried it over to the army, in actuality, never actually getting caught as he smuggled drugs in to certain troops and civilians, using a great wealth of knowledge previously acquired. He finished his enlistment with a General discharge. It is not well known exactly how he went from there to Mexico and Latin America, but he eventually started his own band of drug peddlers in south America, and contributed heavily pushing out the previous drug Peddlers.


Hoss is a human being, however, he has a set of of abilities that often leads to him being rumored or joked as being otherwise. Usually, he is joked as being a typical "action movie hero" in that he has abnormal amounts of skills, luck and durability. Most everything Hoss does however has been accomplished by people in similiar situations or training.

"Made of Iron"

Hoss has a freakishly durable body for a human being. He can survive very long falls with lesser injuries, depending on the surface he's falling on and the height. He survives car crashes, cars crashing into him, being glanced by a train and sent 20 feet away, being throne tens of feet away, being hit with over a ton of force and glancing blows from metahumans. People find themselves having difficulty in doing him true harm with strikes, making him difficult to fight unarmed for a typical person. He is not bulletproof at all, but seems to sport endurance to withstand multiple stabs and gunshots in quick succession.

A study performed on his body shows that Hoss has extra-ordinarily dense bones, multiple times that of a human being. However, as a result of this, Hoss is terrible at swimming and evades attempting to swim in water wherever possible. He can tread water for a long period of time but eventually he tires himself out, while people with dense bones can last for perhaps days with perfect form, Hoss would be lucky to survive a few minutes.

"Strong Man"

His strength is abnormal in isometric strength. He has strength in the joints and ligaments, particularly the wrists, that leads to him having seemingly unnatural strength. He can bend iron and some steel bars, easily overpower ordinary untrained people, break chains with his teeth, once stopped a car from taking off with leverage by laying down on the floor and placing his feet on a block in the ground and resisted having his limbs pulled off by two horses.

His striking power is high, as he frequently floors regular people with a single punch, breaks bricks over his head and can smash hammers into wood. More or less, a strike from Hoss is comparable to being hit with a hammer. Trained fighters and metahumans however usually have much better time surviving his blows, particularly if it doesn't hit


Hoss is more intelligent as than he seems, being good at mathematics and chemistry. He is mostly self taught.

He is far from being limited to being book smart and very "street savvy" and has a good sense of intuition. He is often aware of when he is being swindled or fooled (though not always) and seems to have an uncanny awareness of when someone is seemingly a threat. When fighting metahumans, he is very knowledgeable of visual ques and frequently dodges "cinematic" and "flamboyant" moves from superpowered and highly skilled martial artists alike.

"That's why you da boss"
Hoss at times shows very good leadership and tactical skills. He doesn't seem to lose his sh** when fighting true suprhumans and seems to be willing to engage them whenever you want.

"Hard headed"

Aside from the obvious being literally "harded headed" due to his abnormally dense skull, he has a high resistance to influences on his mind, that manifests itself in many ways. One is that Hoss can be rather stubborn but also simultaniously very determined. He often does whatever he wants, even when it is difficult or when it is not. Not just sheer compulsion but doing whatever it takes to accomplish a simple goal, as well as resisting temptations and hardly quitting if something is worth doing. Despite his party animal like tendencies, this seems to contribute to him learning awide variety of skills.

Another way this manifests is his obscene endurance, able survive getting shot, repeatedly kicked in the crotch, getting stabbed 67 times in non-vital areas, having things lodged in him, getting knocked out a just gettiing up right after and in general being something fo a walking crash force dummy and punching bag.

One note is his resistance to mental influences in the form of drugs, telepathy and mental magic. All of these things effect him, but he has a substantial resistance to them as he becomes more used to them. This can however lead to him believing he is "more invincible than he actually is" against seemingly inferior opponents.


He is a good shot in general, able to use most weapons out to it's effective range, including specialized weapons like sniper rifles and possessing unerring accuracy with various rocket launchers.

"Make it rain"

Years of expanding his budding drug empire and making wise investiments in certain companies (such as Maverick) has lead to him making obscene amounts of money with the amount that he makes


One of his favorites is the ability to turn common items into weapons, create weapons from common items on the fly or just use weapons in tandem with common items to make them more effective or serve a specific or entirely new purposes. From things like bats, golf clubs, crowdbars, steel rebars and the like, to cars, buildings, constructon equipment and structures for superhumans, he very often uses his environment and things to his advantage. Something as simple as a rock gives him the ability to cave someone's skull in or even fight with animals and crack solid brick and concrete, depending on the weapon in itself.


Despite his tolerance to many drugs, they do effect him and can cause a wide variety of detrimental and in some cases, beneficial effects. He can often use a wide variety of drugs to nullify pain, increase his alrredy substantial endurance allow him to use more of his strength, combat illusions, combat telepathy, increase his perception of time to make it fly by more quickly or to slow it down through increasing his reflexes


High reflexes. Hoss can be jumpy when he wants to be enabling him to dodge bullets from a few hundred feet away by seeing the flash an reacting accordinly or even be able to perceive faster moving opponents and react to them as he would a bullet. As well as snap target to target at the slightest of noises.

"Nerves of Steel"

And the next moment he can unflinchingly and being calm when he needs to be. Able to stay calm in the most extreme of situations.

"Universal Driver's license"

Hoss is for some reason, very good at driving and piloting a wide variety of vehicles, able to learn how to pilot things such as helicopters and planes from his time in the army in a short period of time.


Having a seemingly endless arsenal, he can gain access to seemingly nearly any conventional weapon imaginable, from brass knuckles and push knives, to anti-material rifles, tank destroying rocket launchers, tanks that shrug off rocket launchers and building busting bombs, his arsenal is vast and varies with the situation he is in.

However, on his own, he doesn't have access to laser weapons or absurdly futuristic technology.

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