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"Don't ask about the dress."
Name: Sacha

Alias(es): Styx, The Ghost Girl, Wicked White Witch, Pale Kid, The Morbid Mercenary, The Hollow Hunter, Bullet Ballerina

Date of Birth: January 3rd 2005

Species: Human

Occupation: Gun-For-Hire (Mercenary and Assassin.)

Height: 4 ft 9

Weight: 115 lbs


Sacha had always wondered what exactly she'd do with herself. At times she still does wonder that. But at the moment, she seems content being a wandering mercenary who exists in the shadows, working for either the highest bidder or simply whoever she likes more.


Who is this girl? Where did she come from? Why does she wear a dress and how did she ever get that machine gun? No one really seems to know where this seemingly insane girl is from.
But few people ever really get a chance to ask her. She works alone and doesn't have very many “friends” with whom she sits down and chats with. Most people want nothing to do with the mprbid mercenary.

Mental Capabilities and Skills
Neural Superplasticity: They say that in times of stress, the human mind can learn a language in a very rapid amount of time. Children, are said to be more open to learning than adults, who's minds are set.

Styx has a unique mental condition which is coined as "neural superplasticity." This ability allows Styx to rapidly learn information and skills, and perform tasks with eventual expertise. She can learn to fire any gun, wield any blade or even operate things such as computers. This ability, however, makes Styx highly unstable due to her mind being in a constant state of flux and makes her prone to forgetting things. She only clings on to things which are exceedingly precious to her, such as the memory of her brother and how to lay down suppressing fire.
  • Big Brother: Yes, Sacha's brother is dead. She doesn't need any reminder of this fact. And yet some small part of him yet lingers in her mind. She her very own special friend. He warns her of danger and otherwise guides her. It is apparent that he sees the world through Sacha's eyes, and can rapidly interpret sensory and cognitive information even heat of combat to alert styx as to where she is able to be.

Bullet Witch: Marksmanship that borders on unnatural, Sacha is capable of using a very wide variety of firearms with great proficiency. Hence, her reputation as an angel of death om the battlefield. Many a myth speak of Sacha's accuracy with almost supernatural implication.
Double Tap: She is able to maintain her accuracy during fully automatic fire. This allows her to lay waste to men by the squad in mere moments.
Spear: Through shooting the same area multiple times in rapid succession, she can impart large amounts of kinetic energy to a single spot. This allows her to overcome any kind of conventional body armor and can even shoot through lightly armored vehicles with weapons that typically wouldn't be able to overcome it.
Buzzsaw: By focusing her fire on a concentrated limb or in a line, she can Cut objects (and certain limbs) with weapons. The more powerful the weapon, the greater her ability to sever limbs, body parts, wires, etc….
Fast Finger: She is capable of rapidly tapping the trigger at such speeds that the gun feels almost fully automatic.
Styx however, while strong for a kid, isn't actually very well suited for using larger weapons and takes an accuracy penalty whenever she attempts to use a weapon that is too heavy for her.
It's still fun though.

Jumpy: She reacts reflexively to things that make her afraid. Appearing before her abruptly causes her to reflexively shoot something. This happens without thought regardless of whether or not one is friend or foe. She must control this through a control of her own fear. This would mean that if something were to abruptly appear in front of or behind her, she would likely open fire on it immediately.

Physical Capability
Strength: She is stronger than most girls her age, having naturally lived a physically active life. She is weaker than the average adult human male but she is strong enough to tote around light machine guns and use them accurately and effectively for a prolonged period of time. She is most proficient with lighter weapons however.

Speed: Her primary asset. She runs faster than most grown men can. This combined with her small size and agility can make her a very difficult target.

Agility: Nimble and lithe to a seemingly near superhuman degree, Styx takes advantage of her small stature to make herself a difficult target for all but some of the best gunmen. Her ability to make simultaneous use of both acrobatics and an insane arsenal is what makes her an asset on the battlefield. Her maneuvers depend all on what she's carrying, but she can roll and strafe with a machine gun and perform parkour and acrobatics with pistols, allowing her to make full use of her small size.


Browning 1918 Machine Gun: State of the art for it's time, the Browning 1918 is a fully automatic light machine gun born in the trenches of the first world war. It eventually found itself in the hand of gangsters, such as the ever Infamous Bonnie and Clyde. It's detachable magazine renders it I'll suited to the role of a SAW. However, it's .30-06 hits (and kicks) hard and will go through any normal body armor. It's wooden configuration makes it lighter than most machine guns. This makes it more manageable for Styx to use.

Glock 20: Small, reliable and hard hitting, the Glock 20 presents itself as a lightweight weapon even a child can comfortably use and not break. Now if only 10mm ACP was more common.

Dress: Styx usually wears a dress, to the bewilderment of most any sane and normal person. She is however known to conceal any assortment of weapons within it. The dress however is less than ideal for most social situations and wearing it out in public often results in unwanted attention.

Throwing Knives: Straight, well balanced knives carbon steel knives. Ideal for thrusting and well, throwing.
Grenades: Comes in two varieties!
Frag: A standard Russian RGN or American M67 frag grenade. After the safety pin is pulled, the grenade can be cooked off with a single squeeze of the handle. After a set period of time, it will explode. Contrary to popular belief, it does not bounce
Semtex: A very powerful C4-like grenade capable of sticking to objects when thrown.
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