Bashanipal, The Accursed

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Bashanipal, The Accursed

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Name: Bashanipal

Alias(es): The Accursed King, The Black Dragon, Father of the Forsaken, Disciple of Death, Avatar of the Unholy, Patron of Plagues, Drinker of All

Date of Birth: Roughly 7500 BC

Gender: Asexual*

Race: Strigoi Nosferatu

Height: 8’ 2”**

Weight: 520 lbs**

*Bashanipal has no genitalia, but has a male shape and is referred to as a “he”.


He or more appropriately it is a monster that monsters fear. He is a creature who rules the night and day. He is a monster who lurks in the shadows, constantly stalking men, for he needs them and their blood. This is a new age and he is reborn a new monster. A stronger one. But it comes at a great price. More power means a stronger fuel. And this means stronger blood or a very large amount of it.


I must warn them.

The man walks into the dark room, sitting across from the investigator of these strange and alarming deaths. Heads snapped and ripped outright. “Gory" he'd call it, but not bloody. There was no blood at any of the scenes. Stranger still, no witnesses. No recording. Who or whatever had done had known that there was a street camera there.

The footage plays, and the person walks off screen for a second into a blind spot around the corner. And then, nothing. Within a few feet square feet the man is gone and later found set ceremoniously down in the side of an alleyway with a blanket over his body and his severed head resting right above the neck and laid face down.
There is a man coming in, trying to say he knows what this is. A prophecy he calls it.
“I will rise in amidst a new age when gods walk the Earth once more.”
It sounds cryptic. Weird. Vague. But it's all the investigators got. And in this world, at this point they'll believe anything in a world where gods arguably do walk the earth. He's already presented some photo evidence and a video of some blurry thing ripping off a man's head.

They could not identify the thing. But the head was an identified victim.
“Who is he?”
“A super predator.”

They look at him, blank faced. Out from his overstuffed bag of goodirs, lies a journal entry.
“Lord of Orphans. Father of The Forsaken. Patron of Plagues. In his many lifetimes of existence, he has undoubtedly known many names and monikers. But ask him his true name and he might answer.


His existence dates back to the Dawn of Civilization, the Babylonian Empire. Like any Nosferatu, the legend goes that Bashanipal was once a man, but little information exists and few are interested in duch ancient history. Things such has his previous occupation, family bloodline, his last name (if he has one) and most everything one can say about the “man beneath the monster" aren't known.

All that is known is that after becoming a Nosferatu Vampire, he chose to shun all the gods set before him in favor of an Avatar of Death. A nameless entity whom claims to not be a god. Indeed, it claims that it in itself is something else entirely. Something unmistakably real and who seems to gather a following.”

-550 BC
They put the paper down, looking at eachother for a moment. Then towards the man, sizing him up. Hair disheveled and a slight must emanating from him.

“Why is he here?”

“He is a Vampire. He isn't like a metahuman where he lives sustainably on his own and can live away from people. He is a monster, something that eats us. Our blood. But legend goes, as he grew older, he ate other things too. He eventually was able to consume the blood of anything remotely human and things not. From giants to other vampires.”

The man gulps.

“If I put two and two together, I would say that humans are just appetizers. He barely gets enough energy to take a moonlight stroll at the beach from devouring an entire village full of people. Myth said he was a monster who fed upon the blood of heroes and ancient gods off the screen. But once the world started running low, he went into a deep slumber…”

He looks down, tapping his fingers, his mind putting the words together in a way to rope it all together before, the perfect analogy comes.

“Humans are just an appetizer. Metahumans? Hell! Gods. Those ar e the main course. Heroes right? They look human and they have blood. Right? How many people are missing?”

The two detectives stared at one another. It was nearly three dozen.
Bashanipal is a powerful vampire lord who boasts power beyond the typical vampire of even the modern age. Like all Nosferatu, his powers are supernatural in nature, defying onventional science and the logic many are accustomed to. These powers are powers both developed and innate to his (Un)Dead nature, often resonating with him conceptually.

And they may grow ever more with the acquisition of more potent blood than that of a "mere" human.


“Feed and grow old, and you shall be able to drink an ocean of blood.”

The increase of power through the consumption of blood. The older one Nosferatu becomes, the more they use their Unholy Abilities and the more they drink blood, the stronger they are. This growth increases power and capacity for blood.
Bashanipal is an Elder Vampire with an unquenchable thirst. With sufficient blood, Bashanipal’s power grows without limit

The Death Curse

“The only true God is Death.”


Some would say it is a curse, to bring death wherever you walk without willing it. For every thing without a soul to stop your plague to drop down dead, and for the touch of one's hand to kill. Others would call it a great gift. A prophet of death made manifest. Part Boon and Part Bane, the Death comes with advantages readily exploited and disadvantages that must be compensated for. Few master its great power and even fewer can sustain their unlife with it's banes.

The curse is a great irony, in that the vampire itself who bears it is fed upon constantly by vampirific parasites. Leeches, mosquitos and the like inhabit the body and become ghoulish. In exchange, these creatures will do Bashanipal's bidding and can be easily weaponized.

The Black Death: A toxic aura that kills most all that lives.

In truth, this invisible aura is a supernatural plague which originates from Bashanipal's toxic mouth. The plague feeds from everything near him. It brings death to crops, and allows normal diseases which care nothing for soul to bring death to men. Wherever Bashanipal walks, grass blackens, flowers wilt and trees are left barren of lush leaves.

Accursed Claws: A potent venom emitted fron the tips of Bashanipal's talons. Any living thing he attempts to grip rots through his very fingers. This blessing may only kill and rot living things. It doesn't affect normal objects at all.

However, this isn't to say the claws are not strong and sharp on their own. Without the venom, the claws can cleave through knight armor as though it were a tin can and leave deep gashes in modern day tank armor.
They cannot be retracted or sheathed.

Cold to the Touch: Bashanipal is a vampire and thusly harbors an undead physiology. He produces no warmth of his own and his heart does not beat. He is immune to practically any disease and can only be harmed by chemicals that rely on directly reacting with or destroying matter. His blood does not flow and he is functionally a blood sac with organs present for aesthetic purposes. Only sensory organs, his brain and heart serve a purpose.
He cannot be dazed or made dizzy unless someone deals severe enough damage as to remove parts of the brain

“Look into my eyes, and despair zealot. For you are mine.”
Vampires are creatures who's whole lives revolve around manipulation. Sometimes this manipulation is subtle. Sometimes, it is more blatant.

Nosferatu are unlike true telepaths in that they do transmit psionic energy. Indeed, they are lack some energies about their bodies altogether. No. This power lies in the eyes. The ability to control nearly anyone's mind with but his or her gaze.

Bashanipal's Mastery is such that he is able to subsume both man and beast. And who lack the will follow his whim. Meeting his eyes as he is focused on a particular individual can mean Death.

Like any supernatural ability of a Nosferatu, this ability demands blood. And the more one resists, the more blood that is required.

The Material

“Do not Abhor this body, childe, for it is very capable.”
Nosferatu are said to unholy creatures, antithetical to concepts, Antithetical to concepts of spirit. And few others will preach this more than the Accursed King. Mankind has proven time and time again that faith alone shall not protect from brute force and physical strength.
Vigor: Inhuman Strength. Bashanipal can at his weakest, smash a humans skull open as though it were a peanut and rip human beings in half.

Celerity: Inhuman Speed. He is capable in moving in bursts of speed with no indication of prior acceleration. At point blank range, he is but a blur, able to move faster than most humans are capable of aiming.

With his ability to adjust his mass, he can move like a phantom, floating and then abruptly having weight again.

Protean: Control over his bodies physical properties. Bashanipal can bend, contort and stretch his form at will to fit through a drain pipe, making his body hard as stone or soft as gelatin. He can shift to become able to fit into cracks the size of a mouse hole, turn his head 180 degrees, absorb blunt impacts or allow blades to pass through him as though air.

Bashanipal's shapeshifting blatantly defies the law of conservation of mass, as utterly Elderitch limbs sprout from his person at the regular.

  • Miasma: Bashanipal is capable of negating weight entirely turning into a mist as pale as his skin. From this mist is capable of entering the body through the mouth and nose like any gas. and possessing it against it's own will. It may also be used to drain blood from open wounds or from within a person. it can even be used in such a creative way as allowing Bashanipal to reform inside of a person for gruesome results.

    This ability lacks any actual force and moves much more slowly than when Bashanipal is in solid form, moving at roughly speeds of an average human, though momentum from running before hand carries over into this form and then quickly dissipates. Being the lightest, it allows no exertion of force.
    • Stasis
      “So long as blood flows through you, you are eternal.”
      As a vampire, Bashanipal is functionally immortal.

      And almost invulnerable.

      The body dreads deviation. Physically, Bashanipal does not change and his body shall do all it may to retain that. This gives Bashanipal a healing factor in the sense that his body will return back to normal from most forms of physical damage. This also applies to things that are not damage, such as piercings that did not exist at his time of embrace, modifications and attempts at mystical transmutation.

      The only exception to this rule are his banes.

      “Perception is everything.”
      There are many legends which spread throughout different regions of the world, making consistencies in Vampirific properties ambiguous. Some legends say that vampires are soulless creatures who do not appear in mirrors. Some say they blur in mirrors. Others say they lack shadows.

      Properties of how the unholy creature interacts with the physical world are in truth inconsistent. A Nosferatu's existence at a minimum warps perception in some way, but only some learn the intricacies of controlling it. Otherwise everyone would be a rampaging nightmare.
      Bashanipal manifests this ability in his ability to control how noticeable he is. For an expenditure of blood, Bashanipal, an eight foot tall vampire of monstrous visage, may stroll through a crowd without anyone so much as anyone bating an eye. But the trail heave leaves makes itself known and the amount of blood required to do something which warps people so drastically is even tremendous than the cost of his strength. And anyone actively searching for him can pierce this veil. It is far more efficient to adhere to the shadows.
      Machines are more difficult to make himself unknown from. However, he appears in most machines and mirrors as a blur.


      Control of shadows and of darkness. A literal cloak composed of darkness, Bashanipal may make himself the color of darkness and able to evade perception wherever light does not exist.

      This ability masks him from both supernatural ways to perceive him and from technology to an extent. He is not invisible. Merely, he is a black spot. Where as a human would be visibly as a vivid array of color under an aura vision or a red hot silhouette in infrared, Bashanipal would be black and wouldn't stick out unless he contrasts everything else. Or appears in the light.

      “No hellfire awaits you. Nor any cleansing light. Only darkness.”
      The Consumption of the Soul. Of who someone is.

      To Bashanipal, one who has mastered such an art, it is not “fusing" with someone as it would be for most other users of this disciple. No, it is devouring the soul and subsuming it. And reaping all the benefits while discarding the waste.

      By feeding on someone with his mouth while they still yet live with head attached to shoulders and a beating heart not ripped from their chest, Bashanipal drinks them mind body and soul. Functionally? Bashanipal is able to gain the abilities (and sometimes the weaknesses) of that person. This goes into any aspect of that person that clings to them. He can mimic a normal human being’s ability to remember anything, or a gods ability control the tides.

      This horrible disciple can be seen as similar to drugs. The kiss then thus warps the person's mind into a complacent dormancy. As the victim sleeps, their mind gains the supernatural knowledge to move the soul, and thus they willingly rend the soul from the body and into the blood in almost ritualistic fashion. Once “inside" of Bashanipal, the person functionally dissolves and can liken the experience to and an oft dreamless slumber.

      There is a power in blood, and this works both ways. Just as the diaberie “gifts” the person with this knowledge the soul, it may also be used to resist. Unfortunately, few people know of ways to counteract this process. But Bashanipal has met people of many faiths (and lack of) who find ways to interfere at some point of this process.
      Such an occurrence or an interruption can result in only partial completion of the process. How much of the soul he drinks in that time depends on many things.
      “I am no god.”
      There are many legends that speak of the banes of vampires. From Garlic to Silver to Running Water to Holy Water and so on and so forth.

      The Helios Curse: The moon represents many things, from mysticism to madness. The sun represents light and an end to darkness. As a creature of darkness? The holy light of the sun is the ultimate bane. It's mere presence slowing him the closer Bashanipal is to it.And so it should come to no surprise that as a vampire, Bashanipal is vulnerable to sunlight.

      However, as a Vampire, he is very resistant to sunlight.
      The damage the sun causes destroys the flesh. The skin boils and soon the light of god will reduce him to ashes. But Bashanipal is strong an he may resist for some minutes before he succumbs to the final death.

      Torpor: The Daysleep. From when the sun rises to when it falls at dawn, Bashanipal must slumber. Being awake during such hours requires the expenditure of blood simply for him to mentally augment himself. While most fledgling fall asleep within moments, Bashanipal may will himself through an hour before he succumbs to the sun.

      The Purifying Flame: There are many ways to extinguish a virus and to destroy a disease. Medicine. Antibiotics. An immune system. But the one way to destroy any plague is with fire.

      Hated by Beasts: Bashanipal's presence, seems to invariably cause disarray among animals. Something about his presence elicits a primal fear in him. It may be due to the fact that the death curse can easily bring death to livestock and crops but not to men.
      Regardless of whether or not Bashanipal uses the shroud, animals can feel his presence.
      “You need no deity to answer your prayers."
      As a Vampire, he is a being of greater power than men yes. But he has weaknesses that men do not. And yet, man is very far from perfect. Indeed, compared to the supernatural creatures and metahumand who prowl the Earth as Apex Predators and Indifferent Titans…man is quite frail.

      Through the gift of his blood, Bashanipal may give a small fraction of his Unholy power to humans and even other vampires. He may take men to the heights of what they are capable of. And beyond.

      Vitae, or vampire blood can be consumed in great quantity. It is very much akin to a drug.

      Gift of Vigor: A fraction of Bashanipal's strength may easily take one towards the heights of what a human is capable of for their weight and build.

      Gift of Celerity: Be it running speed, the overall dexterity to load a gun in half a second or to watch a man's muscles tense as he's about to pull a gun, this gift adds a quickness to any and every human

      Gift of the Protean: Be sleek and flexible. Or be body builder large and muscular. Control your body and it's properties to make yourself like any other human who your desire.

      Gift of the Unnatural Aspect: Warp the flesh into the limbs of a humanoid abomination. Can grow claws, shark-like teeth and reptilian skin which enable easily climbing of walls.

      Gift of Resilience: Become more durable, capable of withstanding impacts few humans can survive, such as being hit by a car or struck by a superhuman. And recover days after.

      Over his endless existence as long as civilization itself, Bashanipal has had a fairly broad skillset. He is competent in many things.

      Leader: Bashanipal has had many roles throughout his life, but one thing seemed to remain constant, and that would be his being a leader in these roles. He has amassed quite a following among the forsaken and little of it can be attributed to his use of domination. Most people who follow Bashanipal do so of their own accord and oddly enough, some may be found to not be of such a cultist mentality.

      Intel Gathering: Bashanipal is very good at gathering information on people and places. His eyes see far and through barriers. He may know of corporate secrets or the closets in a politicians closet. If he knows nothing on someone, he often knows where to look.

      Combatant: Bashanipal has walked onto the battlefield barefoot and is familiar with both tactics and strategies. As a fighter, his methodology of fighting revolves around the use of his abilities, forsaking human martial arts entirely for his own self taught methid of fighting.
      His attacks can mirror that of an animal and of a man. He is unable to punch due to his claws and his long arms lend to hammer like strikes and lengthy claw swipes. His ability to alter his mass lends him to his movement being “like a phantom" In that he floats and can control his movement in the air as though he could fly and a tines as though he had wings.
      His abilities in tandem lead to him being extremely challenging for a lone human to face, with any singular able to mean instant deat.

      Resources and Paraphilia

      Silver Dagger: A ceremonial dagger which serves to enable him to make debiliating wounds to himself from which blood may be drawn. While this may be harmful to other creatures (such as werewolves), it has little to no combat usage. Silver makes for a worse cutting material than steel. And his claws fair far better for rending men asunder.

      Ragged Cloak: A once black cloak, now dirty tattered and brown. It can be used as camouflage, to make him appear as a hobo. It may also lessen the damage of sunlight and can conceal his frame in battle.
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