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John Hartigan, Galactic Marshal

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Tin-Star, The Marshal, Texas Red




XX21, “Earth”




John Hartigan is a man of above average Terran stature, standing at a height of 6'1. A stream of protein-filled meals and constant workload have left Hartigan with well-defined muscles and physique which can be observed whenever he isn't wearing heavy armor or a large assortment of clothing. He very obviously prefers to keep his hair trimmed or shaven whenever possible, though it is yet to be determined whether this choice was to avoid having his hair grappled or is simply an aesthetic preference.

Hartigan's off-duty attire often consists of clothing reminiscent of his time period (Terran: 19th Century), with a preference towards the styles of a "rancher" or "workman". He may be seen sporting a black tie or expensive watch when on more formal occasions, though these moments are rare. Regardless of the circumstances however, Hartigan will always have his "Western Hat", unless in some state of great disrepair.

"Some potent snake oil and you'll keep your youthful glow forever."





Before being inducted into the Confederation’s Armed Forces, Hartigan already attained a respectable amount of physical capabilities for a Terran of his time. Through the use of chemicals that diminished recovery times, consistent training, and a constant supply of determination Hartigan was pushed to the very limits to the very top, landing him comfortably at a Peak Terran level in both mind and body. His reflexes and dexterity however have been honed and refined to that above any Peak Terran's, as evidenced by his ability to take in information, process it, and act on it at accelerated rates.

Hartigan's tolerance for any alcoholic beverage can only be described as greatly abnormal in nature.




Trained to use many, if not all, of the firearms the galaxies have to offer, Hartigan is incredibly proficient with just about any ranged weapon, with his preference being focused on sidearms such as pistols and revolvers. On account of his Galactic Marshal status, he is required to be able to apprehend a plethora of organisms, sometimes lethally but often than not, non-lethally. As such, he’s had to become a CQC specialist, his martial arts catalogue including various different techniques and styles from a great range of sentients.

As mentioned before, Hartigan's dexterity was enhanced past the maximum of his species' biology, which can be seen in his ability to "Quickdraw". As it stands, Hartigan owns the Confederacy's lowest time for drawing his sidearm from its holster and accurately firing with it.




On account of his need to travel the cosmos and touch down on various different planets, Hartigan is trained and proficient in a wide-range of subjects and practical fields.

His competency in piloting and operating different vehicles has been regarded as some of the best within the Armed Forces. On account of the varying environments he’s sent to, he has been trained to be a superb survivalist in most, if not all, environments. Unsurprisingly, he is an expert on the law enforcement protocols and the legal systems from different planets, the ones that have legal systems anyways. An extension of this knowledge is knowing the languages and very basic mannerisms of the organisms that reside within said planets.

While not something he prefers using, Hartigan is respectfully knowledgeable on advanced technology and even more so in explosives, his knowledge in regards to both aligning more with knowing how to activate and deactivate them in the event he comes across such technology.




A number of enhancements have been authorized on Hartigan due to his G.M Ranking. Through the use of advanced cybernetics, genetic alteration, and chemical therapy, the following have been given to Hartigan:

Hartigan’s age has been slowed to a Hru’var’s pace, granting him an elongated lifetime to ensure he survives extended losses of communication with his unit Overwatch. His internal workings have been altered as well, granting him great resistances against poisons, toxins, noxious gases, as well as changes in pressure and/or temperature. Along with this, his body's natural ability to recover from injury has been manipulated, allowing his body to more efficiently make use of chemicals and nutrients to heal at a faster rate.

Along with his body being enhanced, his mind has been given a number of “upgrades”. Telepathic beings and magicians favoring illusions will find it difficult to directly affect Hartigan’s mind, providing a passive resistance that can be supplemented by his will. Much to Hartigan’s delight, his reflexes have also been altered, giving him an enhanced reaction time.

Should the situation call for it however, Hartigan can, for a small period of time, activate an “overdrive” mechanism on his cybernetics. In this mode, the world slows to a halt for Hartigan as his mind rapidly intakes information and circulates thoughts quicker than most supercomputers. This feature is a personal favorite of Hartigan though he has expressed concern that when he goes into this mode, his eyes often go blank expression-wise.

“It's like I got a pair of dead eyes.”



Equipment-wise, Hartigan, like all other Galactic Marshals, are authorized to all Classification Six equipment. Plasma grenades, EMP mines, laser rifles, and multi-headed rocket launchers are among the many things Hartigan is capable of using.

We have noticed however that Hartigan usually only carries the following:

1. "Sequoia and Oak", his two signature revolvers. Using state of the art propellant and an experimental caliber, the Sequoia and Oak holds 8 rounds that are more than capable of penetrating moderately armored vehicles and materials. These rounds have been built with the idea of absolute efficiency on mind as, in order to cut back on the sacrifices on stopping power needed for better penetration, the bottom half of the bullet will break off from the top half upon impact, causing the former to expand outwards from the initial wound and the latter keeps going, maximizing on the different aspects of a gunshot injury. If he ever finds himself out of ballistic ammo, Hartigan can jam an U.L.W energy pack into the chambers, allowing him to fire beams of energy from the revolvers. While they pack less of a punch and don't have the armor-piercing capabilities of his usual rounds, they make up for it in their ability to be recharged.

2. "Hickory". A specialized rifle capable of firing small rounds of encased metals and energy at incredible speeds. Upon hitting an object, the 2 meter area around the impact area will detonate, sending a small wave of high-intensity, focused heat around the area-of-effect. The rounds themselves are capable of punching through some of the defenses of Xavani warships, making it optimal for targets with a high-amount of armor.

3. "Ebony". A black-tinted blade stylized after the "bowie knives" of Hartigan's time. Made out of plasteel, this blade is incredibly sharp as well as durable as its interior modifications have made it capable of defending against mono-molecular splitting weaponry.

4. Cryogenic Grenade. As the name implies, Hartigan carries an explosive device capable of encasing the area in a sheet of stasis-material akin to ice that solidifies on contact. All objects and organisms within the blast zone will have their areas exposed to the blast essentially suspended and frozen, making this device optimal for securing captures. Hartigan only ever carries one of these however.

5. Modifiable Energy-Containment Device. A set of rings that are meant to entrap an organism's limbs. There are up to twelve rings within one of these containment devices and when activated, are connected to their pair with thick strands of energy capable of searing through plasteel.

6. Grappling Line. A small hand-held device capable of shooting a 20 foot rope of Eniless, making it durable enough to support a ton and a half of weight. Used for getting to hard to reach places. Should he need, he can disconnect the Eniless rope and use it for whatever other means required. Hartigan has notably used this disconnect feature to use the rope as a lasso.

7. CHEM Spray. A small canister full of chemicals (who would of thought) intended for non-lethal takedowns. The chemicals within will either be absorbed through exposed skin or directly inhaled and begin affecting the target after but a few seconds. Along with disorienting the senses as pepper spray would, the CHEM Spray will activate various sections of the brain, promoting simultaneous senses of euphoria, fear, pain, and confusion. While the CHEM Spray is powerful with how many effects it is capable of burdening a target with, the actual duration of said effects rarely last for more than fifteen seconds, with this number decreasing substantially when applied to organisms with high-end foreign chemical resistances.

8. Galactic Marshal Uniform (Terran Variation). Hartigan's G.M Uniform is one made for versatility over specialization, as needed in his line of work. Its protection varies across all scopes, as it provides protections against all environments (poisonous, extreme in temperature and pressure) along with providing modest protection against firearms, energy sources, bladed weaponry, and blunt trauma. The helmet of the armor is capable of providing informational readings of the environment, such as direction of the wind, pressure of the environment, percentage of chemicals, as well as switching between different imagery across the electromagnetic spectrum.

9. Flask of Holding. Used by Hartigan to store his supply of water...and alcohol.

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