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John Hartigan, Space Marshal

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:56 am
by Deus Mortis

Amidst the turmoil and varying scales of conflicts throughout the galaxies, only some could be described as occurring in the same frequency and scale as the ones on Earth. Just as news of a bomb going off in a city will reach the other side of the world, catastrophes capable of collapsing stars will similarly be noted from across the cosmos...


”Hartigan, we were expecting your status report five minutes ago.”

”Sorry about that. Ran into some complications.”


”Yeah, I’m looking at a guy building sphere around the sun here. Real sm-Ah, shit.”

”Hartigan? Is something wrong?”

"Yeah, I’m fine. Just realized that I’m all out of whisky here.”




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Tin-Star, The Marshal, Terran Hartigan




XX21, “Earth”





John Hartigan is a man of above average Terran stature, standing at a height of 6'1. While not an organism made of bubbling muscle, his physique is plainly defined whenever his outfit lacks some sort of heavy armor or large amount of clothing. Hartigan's stature is something of note as he displays a level of confidence and competency appropriate for a veteran such as himself. Once bare of any clothes, Hartigan can be seen hosting a total of thirteen scars from past Incidents, Conflicts, and Containments.


John Hartigan was apart of the twenty Terrans taken as a result of Experiment Plain-Walker on [XX/XX/1876]. While only twenty-two at the time, Hartigan displayed a remarkable affinity towards physical labor and marksmanship as well as possessing a large knowledge of survival, both after a gunfight and in the wild. Such skills aided him in his integration into the Confederation's Armed Forces.

Hartigan during his time in the regular military proved to be an exemplary soldier, one who made use of guerrilla tactics and environmental advantages as well as some of his more experienced superiors. He was far above competent when it came to combat, which brought us to his attention during the GFSM selection process in the first place. He served a total of twenty years with no signs of slowing down before being recommended for a higher placement within the military.

Inspired by the Terran-style of Law Enforcement during the 1860s-1900s, the Galactic-Frontier "Space Marshals" were born on [XX/XX/1902]. Hartigan, 34 humanoids, and ten other Terrans were invited to be amongst the first put into training. On [XX/XX/1909], Hartigan, four humanoids, and one other Terran proved to be the only humans capable of passing the training requirements and was officially processed into a unit.


“Hartigan appears to largely retain the same personality he had upon graduation and insertion into the Space Marshals Division. Authority and rank have little impact on how Hartigan seems to regard most within our Military, speaking to his superiors in the same unrestrained manner he does towards a fresh cadet. Subordinates seem to hold him in higher-than-average regards on account of his kind and casual nature, though he is known to be stern when such a situation demands it.”
-Psychological Evaluator Tur’kvuia

“Operation White Flag appears to have cracked the relaxed facade that Hartigan has.

Possibly a symptom from the built-up of stress past operations, Hartigan has taken to drinking copious amounts of alcohol. This behavior is normally seen when off-duty but there have been reports and mild concerns of Hartigan indulging in an “intoxicating elixir” during an ongoing operation.”
-Psychological Evaluator Tur’kvuia


Before being inducted into the Confederation’s Armed Forces, Hartigan already attained a respectable amount of physical capabilities for a Terran of his time. Through the use of chemicals that diminished recovery times, consistent training, and a constant supply of determination Hartigan was pushed to the very limits to the very top, landing him comfortably as a Peak Terran in both mind and body.


Trained to use many, if not all, of the firearms the galaxies have to offer, Hartigan is incredibly proficient with just about anything he can shoot, with his preference being focused on sidearms such as pistols and revolvers. On account of his Space Marshal status, he is required to be able to apprehend a plethora of organisms, sometimes lethally but often than not, non-lethally. As such, he’s had to become a CQC specialist, his martial arts catalogue including various different techniques and styles from a great range of sentients.

While not something he prefers using, gadgets and explosives are among the things he’s required to be knowledgeable of and competent in using, both when arming and disarming them.


Equipment-wise, Hartigan, like all other Space Marshals, are authorized to all equipment categorized in Level-6 and below. Plasma grenades, EMP mines, laser rifles, multi-headed rocket launchers, and more are among the things Hartigan is capable of using.

We have noticed however that Hartigan usually only carries the following:

1. "Sequoia and Oak", his two signature revolver. Each chambered in .50 caliber Terran bullets with additional armor piercing capabilities. Maximized spacing has allowed for each to fire 8 rounds.

2. "Hickory". A specialized rifle capable of firing small rounds of encased metals and energy at incredible speeds. Upon hitting an object, the 2 meter area around the impact area, sending a small wave of focused heat. The rounds themselves are capable of punching through some of the defenses of Xavani warships, making it optimal for targets with a high-amount of armor.

3. "Ebony". A black-tinted blade stylized after the "bowie knives" of Hartigan's time. Made out of plasteel, this blade is incredibly sharp as well as durable as its interior modifications have made it capable of defending against mono-molecular splitting weaponry.

4. Cryogenic Grenade. As the name implies, Hartigan carries an explosive device capable of encasing the area in a sheet of stasis-material akin to ice that solidified on near contact. All objects and organisms within the blast zone will have their exposed areas essentially suspended and frozen, making this device optimal for securing captures. Hartigan only ever carries one of these however.

5. Modifiable Energy-Containment Device. A set of rings that are meant to entrap an organism's limbs. There are up to twelve rings within one of these containment devices and when activated, are connected to their pair with thick strands of energy capable of searing through plasteel.

6. Grappling Line. A small hand-held device capable of shooting a 20 foot strand of Eniless, making it durable enough to support a ton and a half of weight. Used for getting to hard to reach places.

7. Space Marshal Uniform (Terran Variation). Hartigan's S.M Uniform is one made for versatility over specialization, as needed in his line of work. Its protection varies across all scopes, as it provides great resistances against all environments (poisonous, extreme in temperature and pressure, etc) along with providing modest protection against firearms (ballistic and energy), acids, bladed weaponry, and blunt trauma. The helmet of the armor is capable of providing informational readings of the environment, such as direction of the wind, pressure of the environment, percentage of chemicals, as well as switching between different imagery across the electromagnetic spectrum.

8. Flask of Holding. Used by Hartigan to store his supply of water...and alcohol.


A number of enhancements have been authorized on Hartigan due to his S.M Ranking. Through the use of cybernetics, genetic alteration, and chemical therapy, the following have been given to Hartigan:

Hartigan’s age has been slowed to a Hru’var’s pace, granting him an elongated lifetime to ensure he survive extended losses of communication with him and his unit Overwatch. His internal workings have been altered as well, granting him great resistances against poisons, toxins, noxious gases, as well as pressure changes and temperature. While he won’t be able to walk on a sun or survive endlessly in space, he’ll be able to function in environments with pressure and temperature levels that are only moderately different than what a Terran is able to survive in.

Along with his body being enhanced, his mind has been given a number of “upgrades”. Telepathic beings and magicians favoring illusions will find it difficult to directly affect Hartigan’s mind, providing a passive resistance that can be supplemented by his will. Much to Hartigan’s delight, his reflexes have also been altered, giving him an enhanced reaction time.

Should the situation call for it however, Hartigan can, for a small period of time, activate an “overdrive” mechanism on his cybernetics. In this mode, the world slows to a halt for Hartigan as his mind rapidly intakes information and circulates thoughts quicker than most supercomputers. This feature is a personal favorite of Hartigan though he has expressed concern that when he goes into this mode, his eyes often go dead expression-wise.

“A pair of dead eyes as I've started calling them.”

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Rivarly begins

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