Pax [REQ]

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Pax [REQ]

Post by Orph » Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:14 pm



This is Pax. The City of Beasts. Pax is exactly the kind of city you think it is. Located somewhere on the east coast of the United States- exactly where doesn't really matter. Gothic architecture, crime-infested streets, staggeringly tall skyscrapers, et cetera. It's a wretched hive of scum and villainy. But don't go thinking that Pax is just the latest in a series of identical Gotham clones. Pax is different.

For starters, this isn't a location thread. (Obviously.) This is a Request thread, like you might see in the Casual, Intermediate, or Advanced forums. It's where you submit CSes, and I approve or deny the characters entrance to the city. Why? Because Pax is a city with a very specific atmosphere, one that I intend to enforce. Superpowers are allowed, naturally, but only within reason. No Supermen. Even beyond that, I'll be curating characters based on other factors. Frankly, the 'ironic meta-humor' variety of character isn't going to add much to the city. Light-hearted characters are fine, but I'm looking for a Nightwing, not a Deadpool.

There's a twist, though. If you want to apply to join Pax, you're going to need to create a new character. No preexisting connections to any part of the universe. The current Sandbox roster is great, but almost every 'major character' has a lot of canon baggage. The sort of thing that impacts every one of their posts, and makes it hard for new characters to interact with them. Pax is more of a clean slate. Somewhere new writers can get their Sandbox start, but also a place where Sandbox veterans can try out something new.

Furthermore, there will be some expectations of any writer who gets accepted into the city. Joining Pax is a commitment. If you're bored with your character, you can't just drop them. Write them out, kill them off, but don't leave the loose end hanging. Your character should, generally speaking, stay confined to the city. Obviously, they can leave, but don't make it a regular thing. Why? Because most characters right now are utterly unmoored. They show up wherever an event is happening, and disappear immediately after. As a result, neither characters nor writers are invested in any location. If your character lives in Pax, that gives them, and you, a reason to care about what happens to the city.

To help with creating new characters for Pax, I'll be providing some optional archetypes that you can specifically apply for. More on that a little later.
"But Orph, why are you doing this?"

Simple. Right now, the world of the Sandbox feels more like a backdrop. Why should I care where an event is happening? Sure, I care about who it's happening to, but the actual location itself is totally interchangeable. Writers aren't invested in locations, meaning characters aren't invested in locations. So, other than the abstract notion of 'mass death is bad,' there's almost no reason to care if a city is getting destroyed. Creating a location that characters and writers can get invested in, will increase investment across the board.

Furthermore, it's become increasingly difficult for new characters to get established. Especially street-level characters. As I mentioned, the various 'big' characters, teams, and groups have begun to dominate pretty much everything. Smaller-scale stuff is possible, but it's almost always going to be overshadowed by a big event- which is almost always going to end up revolving around the SOS, ACF, or Assurance. Obviously, I'm far from guiltless here- and guilt isn't even really the right word. All of those groups are great. The characters and writers involved are top-notch. But they only occupy one part of the world. I'm overgeneralizing a bit here, but I think my general point is correct.

Pax is street-level only. Not because I have anything against high-tier characters, but because I want to encourage other kinds of storylines. This is a REQ thread because Pax itself is a story. What kind? I don't know yet. That depends on you guys, and the kinds of characters you submit. I don't have anything specific in mind, just a few rough ideas, depending on which 'roles' end up getting filled.

Rather than making a location thread for the city, and separate threads for major events within it, I'd like everything to be put into one thread. This has led to problems before, where people are 'using' a thread, and other writers don't want to break up those writers' posts with their own. However, cities are pretty big- multiple things can happen in them at once! For clarity's sake, I'd suggest using the 'Subject' function to denote separate interactions. You can pick a clever pun for the thread name, and stick it in the subject line of each post you write for that interaction. That way, multiple things happening separately can be clearly identified.

The city itself will also be something of a 'living location.' Events that happen in the thread should have a permanent effect on things. Characters will build reputations, gain or lose notoriety, that sort of thing. I'm aiming to create a genuine sense of both risk and reward.
Applications and Archetypes.

Unlike non-Sandbox RPs, there isn't going to be a specific format your CS needs to be in. Just make sure it accurately represents the skills, abilities, and resources your character will be starting out with. Remember, keep the power level within the 'street tier.' What exactly that means is up to my discretion, so just use your best judgement.

If your character isn't accepted, that doesn't mean they're bad. Just that they don't fit what I'm looking for. I'm happy to talk about a character, refine the idea, and help get them to a place where they'd be appropriate for Pax. If it simply doesn't seem workable, why not just put them elsewhere in the Sandbox?

Now, let's revisit what I mentioned before- archetypes. They aren’t mandatory- if you wanna do your own thing, you’re welcome to. However, there are a few benefits to choosing an archetype. First, it’ll increase your chances of getting accepted significantly, especially for villain archetypes. Second, it means you’ll be able to help shape the city itself- many of these roles will be influential in one way or another, and their writers will be able to design how they want those parts of the city to work.
Established Hero.
This is the archetype I'm going to be pickiest about. Basically, the city's Batman. They've been around for a while, they're well-equipped, they have a reputation. Even the crime lords know to fear this one. When people think of the city, this is probably one of the first things that come to mind. Other writers will be expected to sell this character's notoriety and reputation from the get-go. Given they'll be extremely relevant in how the city develops, it'll be hard to secure this spot. But I don't want to discourage you from trying- you're all awesome writers, and I know you can pull off what I'm looking for if you put your minds to it.

Hi-Tech Hero.
A cape with lots of resources. Probably some kind of corporation, maybe a Batcave, maybe a Wayne Tower. Lots of gadgets, a high-end costume, that sort of thing. These are also aspects the Established Hero might have, but the Hi-Tech Hero doesn't come with anywhere near the same level of reputation. If I get an application for Established Hero that I like, but doesn't fit that specific niche, I'd probably suggest that they go with this role instead.

Low-Tech Hero.
Your Daredevil-types. What they lack in resources, they make up for with sheer determination. Probably just starting out, so little in the way of reputation if anything. No base other than their own apartment, no gear above the 'hockey mask' tier, all that. This is definitely one of the archetypes that increases your chances of getting accepted significantly. It's kinda the 'hard mode,' but I can personally attest that it's also extremely fun to work your way up from the bottom.

Yeah, every hero in this city is a vigilante. However, this archetype is specifically of the Punisher or Red Hood variety. Not just because they kill- if any of the other hero writers want to kill, they're welcome to. Specifically because they're brutal, extreme, and often at odds with the other heroes. Plenty of notoriety, but almost all of the bad sort. Nobody's really gonna be thanking this character after they rescue a bystander- because they're afraid they'll be the one getting beaten with a baseball bat next.

Established Villain.
Another one I'm gonna be picky with. The city's Joker, more or less. What kind of villain they are, is totally up to you. But they have a reputation, the kind that makes low-level vigilantes and ordinary civilians scared when they see this villain's face. Again, all writers are expected to sell this villain's reputation. They probably have some history with the Established Hero- I'd encourage those two writers to interact ad work it out, probably with my help.

Crime Lord.
A character like the Kingpin, or maybe Penguin. More in the 'evil' game for greed than anything. Probably at least somewhat legitimate, in a mob-boss sort of way. Everyone knows they're up to no good, but nobody can find any hard evidence. Perks include free resources- cash, minions, weapons, etc. Furthermore, anyone who successfully applies for this will have a sort of 'monopoly' on the underworld, a natural advantage against anyone who wants to vie for the top spot.

A bad guy who's neither as scary as the Established Villain, nor as successful as the Crime Lord. They could be just starting out, or they could be just as old as the Established Hero, who has a habit of stopping their robberies as an afterthought. Any villain role is gonna make it much easier to get accepted, but this one especially. Not everyone can be the best bad guy there ever was.

While this character is probably aligned with the 'bad guys,' they're more of a neutral figure- their allegiance ends when the cash flow does. Once again, up to you how long they've operated, their relationship with other characters, et cetera. Generally has more resources than a Low-Tech Hero or Super-Criminal, but probably not super-rich either.
As I said, none of these archetypes are mandatory. However, I'd like most of them to be filled in one way or another. Oftentimes, locations end up dominated by just heroes or just villains, which makes it hard to find real conflict. While some archetypes can be filled more than once, some- especially the Established ones -are one-off. If you have any questions about roles, or any of this, I encourage you to PM me to discuss.

I highly encourage people to form character relationships, especially of the 'team' variety. Depending on how many villains we get, I may try to get the ball rolling on that myself. If people want to make sub-locations, like a Batcave, I'd be open to making them a separate thread- however, they can also be edited into the OP, so as to keep things constrained to as few different threads as possible.

I hope you all are as excited about this as I am! Once again, feel free to DM me on this site or on Discord with any questions you have. Now... let's get to it.
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Re: Pax [REQ]

Post by illirica » Sat Nov 23, 2019 11:09 pm

One of the city's long-term residents, a metahuman of some notoriety. After taking enough damage, Eternal Flame bursts into fire - causing significant damage to the area around her and anyone in it. A few minutes to a few hours later, she regenerates from the ashes.

Every time she regenerates, she heals all previous injuries and is restored to her default state - which is a woman around twenty-five years of age. No one is exactly sure how old she really is, but she rose to power in the city almost two decades ago. Prior to that, she was a low-level brawler, a knife fighter by preference, but when she saw an opening for better things, she took it - and she started by taking out all the people who were expected to fill the role. While she doesn't necessarily put out that much damage in any one time, Eternal Flame simply does not quit - she would target an opponent and kill everything they loved. If she was stopped, she burned everything they loved. Homes. Pets. Children. Friends. No connection was too distant. She could afford to play the long game, combining mafia-style executions with targeted arson-suicides, as time went on, there were fewer and fewer left who were willing to risk the price of opposing her.

She carries a handgun, and is at her most dangerous when she points it at herself.
Name: Margaret "Rhetta" Kale
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5'7"
D.O.B.: June 4th, 1942
First Death: September 9th, 1967

You're going to ask how it happened, aren't you? They always ask. No one ever thinks that there's a few things a woman might not like to talk about in her life. Past life, anyway. I suppose you could say I'm a different person, now. Who wouldn't be?
I know what happened. You do too, if you think about it. Yeah, you know. You won't say it, though. People don't talk about those things. That's all right. I don't need to talk about it.
I've found other outlets.

The God-Damned Lightning
A Manufactured Deity
Like, Totally Brilliant?
Eternal Flame
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Re: Pax [REQ]

Post by Deus Mortis » Sun Nov 24, 2019 4:07 am

The Archer.


Goes by Braxton Hunt

The Archer, Arrow, Pax’s Robin Hood, The Lone Drifter

Identity Status:

From out of town.

Owns a small apartment on the outskirts of town. The rent's cheap.

Resource Level:

Works at a Sporting Goods store during the day.
Cleans up the city's scum at night.

The Temple.

Devout training and sheer discipline: These are the two things that have honed The Archer’s body, giving it the physicality it holds to this day. Described as having the physique of a “modern day Spartan”, The Archer is capable of many respectable feats of strength, agility, speed, and most notably, dexterity.

Truth be told however, he is no longer at his peak.

Enough time filled with physical atrophy and isolation have caused him to fall from the mountaintop. Gone are the days where he could strike with enough force to crack concrete or run for days before stopping for a break. A gap from his day arriving to Pax to sometime before marked a period in time where all his training and discipline had been shunned by the Archer. His old allies would have hated him for it, marked him among the scum of the Earth.

Fortunately, he has not seen them in quite some time now.

As of now, The Archer's physique is a few stone throws away from "Peak Human", with his dexterity being the one thing that's stayed consistent throughout the years. Though not a metahuman by any means, his hand-to-eye coordination has been the subject of some conversations among his old peers. A rather unfortunate thing for the criminals that plague Pax's streets.


The Temple’s Guards.


Ranged Virtuoso
Throwing knives, guns, bows. Braxton Hunt was born with the natural ability to take another’s life from afar. He was then forced to master

He has trained religiously to be able to operate any projectile weaponry, being just as competent with a sling as he is with a firearm, though he holds a deep contempt for the latter. By far, the weapon he’s most skilled with and most comfortable using is the bow and arrow. With it, he’s capable of pulling of a number of nearly impossible techniques, dubbed by some as being “trick shots”.

CQC Competent
Though The Archer vastly prefers to deal with his opponents from afar, this should not discredit his abilities in melee. The Archer shows a grim efficiency when given a melee weapon, showing the ability to fend off multiple attackers at once with something as basic as a club. Even when stripped entirely of any weapons, he is still very much capable of holding his ground against swarms of goons, proficient enough to survive extended encounters with those far more skilled.

Stealth Operative
In contrast to heroes who don’t mind being seen in public, The Archer is a man who much prefers to do his dealings unseen. He’s adopted the dark, feeling much more at home in the shadows than in broad daylight, striking at criminals who have no idea he’s there.

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Re: Pax [REQ]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:31 am

"You know one thing thing I don't miss from the old days? Handwritten letters."


Name: Jack "Puma" Camp

Alias(es): Puma, The Thundercat

DOB: November 1, 1974

Species: Baseline Human

Height: 6' ft 2"

Weight: 230 lbs

Time whither away a lot of things. Fame. Money. Relationships. Love. Even your own body. Nothing is eternal. So it's probably best to live one's life to the fullest.

Jack Camp is a man who is not content to whither away. His life can be described as simply put rags to riches. He was born to an less the average wealth family of five. His father Arthur was an old washed up boxer had trained up a young Jack from when he was a boy with intention of passing on his legacy as a legendary boxers. And eager to take on his father's legacy and to be able to beat up any boy he met, Jack was all too eager to agree eventually. So he trained.

And trained

And trained.

Until Fighting was all Jack knew how to do. And he was damn good at it. One of the best heavy weight boxers around. He'd taken his licks and his losses, but his record was was a solid 40-3. And 38 of those matches were knockouts. Soon after, he moved on to training for the UFC, being not only one of the only boxers to succeed but becoming an undefeated world champ for 5 years straight. His age caught up with him however, and eventually he retired soon after.

While his kids have all graduated college and are off in the world, his wife had been divorced by Jack abruptly as he decided to take a new path in life. Begin a new chapter in even his old age. And he didn't want her to be there for it.

In his time, he amassed a great wealth. But he ultimately had nothing to really use it for. So, what else was a man to do? He didn't know how to do anything but fight. And he had nothing but time. So why not help out the place he grew up with a bit. Put his old bones to good use. To fight for someone besides himself for a change.

Due to rather profuse use of designer drugs to extend his combat career, Jack has achieved a physical form that would other wise be impossible for a man his age. Miracle drugs which has allowed him to relive his years at his prime, yet they come at a cost of rapidly aging his body. Guess that means.

Master-Pugilist:Jack is a former boxer and mixed martial artist with a penchant for punching. In his time traveling the world, there probably isn't punch he hasn't seen. From the Super-Man Punch of Muay Thai, to the push strikes of Karate, furious flurries of wing chun and the classic counter cross of boxing. There is probably not a punch on this earth he doesn't at least know. But not all punches are worth mastering. That said, the list of punches and skills that Jack has learned is far too extensive to describe in it's entirety. However, a few of them allow him to border into superhuman territory.
  • Roll-With-The Blow: An ability that allows Jack to withstand superhuman strikes. He throws himself back in response to potentially otherwise fatal injury by moving in it's direction. Using this.
  • Weave: Much like the above mentioned, Jack is constantly dodging and his skill makes him difficult to land a clean punch on. The damage of most strikes against him are much more reduced compared to what a normal human.
  • Counter: Puma strikes with the combined force of his own punch and the opponent's. Running into him or charging him can spell doom for reckless aggressors. Jack's can be the opposite of a wild animal in a way. More a calculated hunter. A creature of such unparalleled precision as to put down reckless beasts.
  • Footwork: Seemingly superhuman movement. Puma can move in any direction for a few feet with astounding speed in a singular step. He can dodge untrained and unprepared gunmen at close range and disappear from sight by moving into one's blind spot. He can eat up the distance of a few feet in under a second and outright blitz unprepared people.
  • Parry: Not every strike can be blocked. Some metahumans can strike with a force capable of surviving superhumans.
  • Clinch: A grappling hold which locks an opponent up and limits the type of punches, throws and perhaps very notably, the kinds of weapons one can use. From this position, one skilled at clinch fighting can gain the upper hand to throw certain strikes or throw an opponents. Weapons larger than a knife or handgun are ineffective. Swords and Assault Rifles for example, suffer penalties in effective strikes with swords lacking the range of motion and the rifle unable to be raised to shoot at anywhere other than the floor respectively.
  • Palm-Strike: An open handed strike which allows for more controlled damage and for a fluid grab follow up.
  • Surgical Strike: Hits a point with precision to induce certain effects. This is ideal against humans and superhumans. It isn't as effective against enemies who don't have human anatomy, most often.
    • The Liver: Incapacitate. This causes the entire body to shut down and forces even the largest of foes onto their feet.
    • The Groin: Applicable to men only. But this strike causes neuromuscular pain throughout the nervous system.
    • The Throat: Collapses the Larynx and causes death.
    • The Temple: "The off switch." A clean shot to the temple can kill a man, let alone knock them out.
    • The Chin: The easiest way to pivot the neck as well as jolting two nerves that rest below the ears. Overwhelming these two nerve clusters can cause a human being to easily pass out.
    • The Knee: Strikes to hear can cripple a man and hamper a mobility.
    • The Kidneys: Similar to a liver shot, but potentially more deadly and left able to be hit from the front, a shot to the kidney can destroy.
    • The spine:A chop of punch here can deliver a very swift Knockout and debilitating neural damage.
    • The Solar Plexus: A strike here activates a nerve cluster that causes the abdomen to spasm and release all air from a person's lungs.
    Mixed Martial Artist: Having integrated his hands into a mixed martial art career, the man is capable of beating down others who are pros in the arts of 8 limbs with all but two and he can grapple.

    Strength: Jack is an explosive man with outstanding strength and power. He is capable of accomplishing great feats. From a standing position, Jack is quite strong. His capable of practically lifting someone twice his weight and taking to the ground. His strength in his grip, joints and his wrists is abnormally potent. Enough for him to holding up his entire huge frame with but his hands alone.


    Striking Power: A combination of high speed, durability, bodily coordination and baseline strength combine to make one helluva punch. His fists are nothing short of deadly weapons. Once striking hard enough to clock in at 2915 joules, Jack has demonstrated an ability to punch with an entire ton of force augmented, and can deliver these blows with deadly precision. This combined with sheer hardness of his hands and he is capable of killing people.
    • The Left: The Lightning. This hand is supremely fast and like the well executed jab can move at speeds that the human brain. Jack is capable of snatching a coin from someone's hand and replacing it with a pebble before they can shut their palm. A singular limb capable of being thrown with premium accuracy.
    • The Right: The Thunder. Jack's right hand is capable of ending ordinary men and force them to have a one on one with god. This limb is one he has to use sparingly, and reserves it for either some materials such as brick or exceptionally durable faces like metahumans, who can be struck by his left and be overall alright.
    Speed: "No man that big should be that fast." Jack ain't a sprinter but boy can he dash a few feet in seemingly a moment. He is capable of disappearing from the the line of sight of people looking straight at him and has the head movement to dodge the aim of someone holding a gun. And rapidly closing the distance. He is capable of dashing at speeds comparable to top Olympic athletes, able to cover a several feet in under a second.
    • Aim Dodger: Jack can't dodge bullets, but through recreational training wit BB guns, paintballs and laser tag, he has learned how to dodge bullets on principle. However, shots to the center mass are harder and he encounters difficulty against especially skilled marksman. Shots to center mass are also in general harder to dodge even for lesser marksman. But you better not count on just one nine mil to stop him from closing the gap and beating the shit out of anyone who dared to shoot him before he potentially passes out himself.
    Durability: Jack is particularly durable for a human being, perhaps owing some of this to his father pugilistic lineage. As a result of this combined with training, Jack can be hit by a car and still find a way to keep walking. Years of durability training has hardened his body to an absurd degree. He can punch a brick wall without breaking his hand. And his fist can crack skulls.
    • Conditioned: Contributing to his seeming superhuman durability is abnormally dense skeletal structure which exists all throughout his body and in particular in his fists and his chins. This comes with the effect of making him him heavier and it makes him not the best swimmer by any stretch.
    Endurance: Jack can fight for full capacity for a few minutes at a time. However, he is capable of generally functioning for two days at a time, able to move from one brawl in the city to the next against run of the mill street thugs.

    Agility: He is cat, after all. He has to stay lightweight.

    His nickname came from his "Ali" like agility, balance and coordination. For a man his size, his parkour ability is amazing. Despite his moniker, he can be described as also "gorilla like" in how his strength lends him to easily scaling the most slippery of substance and able to find footing in the smallest of cracks. A man such as him is well suited to rock climbing and also is capable of scaling urban materials with seemingly superhuman grip strength alone. While he can't balance on a tight rope, he can sure as hell hold one and climb up a rope as well.

    The Puma Armor: A Lightweight and breathable armor meant to provide some protection while not compromising one of Jack's most important attributes -- Agility, mobility and stamina. His armor is designed with the purpose of supporting his ability to punch people without having to worry about every little knife strike.
    • Therm-Weave: The substance which makes up the majority of the armor, this weave was used during Puma's time to enable him to fight in a costume without having to worry about overheating as with most armor. Indeed, this advanced material incorporates highly developed thermal metamaterials that make each day like a cool night out.

      These come in variations that cool the user and keep them warmer. Only the best that money can buy.
    • Kevlar Shirt: A Lightweight weave tightly woven to render the user immune to practically immune to slashes from conventional knives and highly resistant to stabbing.
    • Bracers: A set of bullet-resistant bracers and hidden beneath his forearms. These allow his arms to parry most forms of strikes, from blades to knifes and are capable of withstanding a singular bullet from a nine millimeter round.
    • A cup: Do you really gotta ask?
    Thunderclaws: Fists of Steel. A sap glove which is studded with steel plates on the knuckles. These gloves not only allow Puma to punch without having to worry about his hands, but to amplify his hardened human hand with a substance many times harder: Steel.

    Cat-Mobiles: A fancy name for the series of Cars Jack drives around with false license plates and uses for general transportation. These are concealable and allow for him to travel concealed.


    Cat-Cycle: Compact motorcycle. Usually stored in a van for quick get aways.

    Flashbangs: Disorienting noise which fills a room and disrupts the inner ear, causing anyone within it's range. Can blow off limbs at point blank range.

    Smoke Grenades: A smoke grenade, capable of covering concealed areas.

    Cat-Mask: For concealing identities and keeping the persona alive.
    • Cat-Shades: For the flashbangs. They come in the mask.
    • Cat-Muffs: Also for the flashbangs. And for explosions in general. Functionally a hearing aid which can tune down sound of explosions and gunfire.
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Re: Pax [REQ]

Post by Spider » Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:49 am

The Hypercognitive Ace Adventures Of Rubberize Projectiles

Lapua, despite his .338 caliber name, is a non-lethal super-criminal that uses rubberized projectiles and is mostly known for his Sniper-like Cue Pool. Preferring to talk down guards and hostages, but if need be he will easily incapacitate anyone who jeopardizes his heists. Having a near-perfect success rate since the 1980's due to his hypercognitive instincts to perform complex tasks without a thought in conjunction with inhumane marksmanship.

Lapua has the innate ability to throw any projectile with erring speeds and strength, preferring to keep to his merciful toy-like arsenal, having to heavily compensate with his skills rather than using more conventional weaponry. Making him a mockery in the criminal world but also quite feared due to the looming question: what if he ever did switch lethalities.

Character Profile
Alias: Lapua
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Species: Human
Equipment: Lapua's Cue Pool,

Acquired in 1984 when Lapua successful stole technology from military scientists that were trying to advance Guass and Rail Gun weaponary, crafting it into his very own iconic weapon. The Cue Pool acts more like a pressurized energy generator that absorbs air and energy as Lapua weaves the pole to make his shot. Discharging either a rubberized ballistic projectile for longer ranges or a gust of air for close-quarter emergencies.

Bean Bags,

Bouncy Balls,

Bulletproof suit,

A durable helmet.

The K-9 Sidekick Adventures Of The Best Power Tool In Town
Real name: Waddle.

Lapua found and saved the laboratory-bred dog from an inhuman laboratory trying to test enhancement serums for super soldiers/slaves alike. Getting his home name "Waddle" from his permanently bad front knee causing the superpowered dog to be unbalanced when moving.

Breacher - his super under disguised alias is known to be Lapuas partner and bodyguard in crime, acting as the brawn and vault destroyer. Having enhanced physical strength to wear down any bank vault in time and the durability to match it.

Breacher is highly impervious to ballistics, blunt force trauma and piercing.

Being capable to fend off himself in any fight, though just like Lapua, he respectfully trained Breacher in his non-lethal ways.

Breachers way of combat is unlike any canine, trained to use his super strengthed body to headbutt and use other parts of his body like his rear legs to kick his assailants into submission.

Hardly ever biting if he has to, and nobody will ever want to test the dog's patience since Breachers jaw strength is very well capable of tearing through a vault door.

Breachers size is highly inflated during combat or anything physically demanding or threatening. In normal dog walks Waddle will stay the size of a normal bulldog but when tearing through a vault dog or defending himself or his master he becomes almost bear-like from the super-soldier dna.

Just like Lapua, Breacher will wear a costumed disguise that noticeably changes every heist since Breachers costume will most likely be damaged. Wearing spandex, a cape and a cowl to match his masters campiness.
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Re: Pax [REQ]

Post by Ryoko » Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:46 am


Much like the name, it's the only one she's got.

Pax doesn't have have much pity for a girl with no identity beyond a nickname and a reputation. That ain't nobody's fault aside from the cocksuckers who brought her here in the first place, and they've been dead for a long damn time. Long story short, human trafficking has a habit of putting people in the worst of places. It wipes away history and redefines though with the misfortune to become a product with no tag. This ain't no sad story, though; not in the slightest. Kevlar was one of the lucky ones, and not a single one of her unique traits was an accident.

Designer babies aren't a hypothetical, despite what the magazines would tell you or warn you about. They exist in the shadows where science is allowed to run wild. Slaves designed to fit perfectly into their assigned roles. Hunters with no sentience of their own and prostitutes who would never sag or age beyond sell value. Kevlar was supposed to be a worker, built strong and, more importantly, sturdy. Insert estabished hero] ended up having an intimate conversation with her handler one afternoon and, somewhere in the chaos, she managed to slip out. As far as Kevlar knows, she was the only packaged product who happened to get out that day.

Slave-runners always fear losing control of their property and do all that they can to ensure that they are forever oppressed and incapable of rising. Hunters were designed with sub-human intelligence and the instinct to imprint on the first person they saw; their owner. Sluts were only good at fucking and didn't need to be controlled through convoluted means. Workers? Well, workers were constantly monitored and weren't allowed to get their hands on weapons. It quickly became apparent why.

You didn't need an ID or a history to become a mercenary. You just needed the nerve to put yourself in the line of fire and the ability to get the job done. Guns are cheap and easy to come by. Successful work with guns gave you access to better guns. The investment into Kevlar's durability gave her a nice foothold to climb right into the business. Everything else just came natural.

I guess she did have one thing to thank those cocksuckers for, eh?

Personal Defense Matrix

Taking the form of what some might consider shields, Kevlar's natural ability is to produce a protective aura around her body that defends against concussive forces, and most forms of energy, esoteric or electromagnetic. After taking enough damage, this matrix will fail and leave Kevlar as vulnerable to damage as the average human. The strength of this matrix can be increased over time with continued use and training in a manner similar to muscle, and the matrix itself regenerates over time naturally if damaged.

Selective Permeability

Kevlar can consciously alter the velocities, materials, chemicals and energies that her defense matrix allows to pass through without resistance. Changes in permeability can only be made consciously and will never occur automatically.

Muscular Maintenance

In contrast to her superhuman durability, Kevlar's strength is undeniably human; strong, but far from the apex. Her creators knew better. What she lacks in strength, she makes up for in stamina and the ability to exert herself for extraordinarily long periods of time without tiring. Given her profession, and the ability to forsake armor in favor of, well, more weaponry, Kevlar uses her modified musculature to head into battle with a small armory's worth of weapons and ammunition; carrying it all around and utilizing weightier weaponry with ease for hours without the need to slow down to rest.

Nightmarish Gunmanship

Kevlar possesses the twitch reactions and accuracy not of a soldier, but a recreational marskman. Which, if you weren't aware, is a few degrees worse, on average. She's often been seen detonating grenades just a few instants after leaving the hands of an enemy and dissecting those who assume themselves safe behind bullet proof armor by crippling limbs and breaking bones in just the right places with a few precise shots.

She's able to line up shots almost as fast as her eyes can lock onto a target and, through skill alone, can properly utilize weaponry at the very edges of its effective range. Given the marksmanship that she has developed over the years, in conjunction with her natural abilities, she often prefers a more straighforward approach in combat like a heavily armored trooper confronting lightly armored opposition; relying on swift and efficient offense to tear opponents apart long before they threaten to deplete her own defenses.

Only truly worth adversaries ever force her to retreat or take cover.

Technological Savant; Brainless Engineer

Put simply, Kevlar has an unnatural ability to analyze found equipment and repair it with minimal supplies. She lacks the creativity to design and develop her own high-tech gear, but is abnormally skilled at, well, stealing, repairing and making use of whatever she might find in battle.

This innate skill of hers has saved her a fuckton of money on car and house repairs, and has often allowed her to easily maintain much of her gear and keep it lasting far beyond expectation. If skill alone could land you a job, then Kevlar would likely be the best repairman in Pax. Unfortunately, a social security number is the bare minimum for any respectable job like that.

Would you be surprised if I said a lot of guns and ammo? No? Good.

I'll fill this bit out later.
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Re: Pax [REQ]

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Jacqueline Joyce

Nicknames: “Jacque” (pronounced Jack, none of that French bullcrap), JJ, Jay, Bubbles, Chatterbox
Self-Assigned Titles: Pax’s Pink Prodigy, Jack-of-All-Skills
Official Alias: Lady Luck
Archetype: Low-Tech Hero with Vigilante prospects
Birthday: April 1, 2000 (that’s 19 years old, for those of you bad at math)
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140 lbs (not like ya need to know)
Species: meta-human
Equipment: One big freaking hammer [exactly what it sounds like], a limited supply of glitter bombs [like smoke bombs but they pick up the few rays of light this darn city has to offer, and explode more like water balloons than grenades. Great for distractions, not practical for fighting.], pink handgun [again. Exactly what it sounds like, and probably not legally obtained], an almost-full pack of gum [nervous habit].

“What can I say, I’m just lucky I guess.”

They say that “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Jacque doesn’t have to worry about that - because the first time she tries anything, she succeeds. Granted, her success is mediocre at best, but a victory is a victory.

Basically, anything JJ attempts to do, she can do. This extends to mental abilities, tasks, physical abilities - even, to an extent, superpowers. Her success is always average, and she cannot improve on it. Examples of each are...

Mental abilities:
She’s a C-student. She has the mental capacity to pass every class she’s ever taken, but she’ll never be an honors student. She always has a general awareness of her surroundings, especially in combat, but she lacks the tactical genius to push every advantage offered to her.

Task success:
She’ll get through anything she puts her mind to. If she wants to find someone, it might take a few weeks, but she’ll be able to get to them. If she wants to win something, no, she’s not going to take the prize, but she has an unusual tendency to reach second or third place.

Natural physical abilities:
Speed, strength, and agility. If JJ wants to outrun someone, she’ll never get an excessive lead, but she can keep ahead. If she wants to flip a car, she’s never going to get it off the ground, but she will get it from its wheels to its hood. If she wants to dodge a bullet, it’ll graze her, maybe even hit something nonlethal, but it’ll never do any actual damage.

This one is much more likely to go on the fritz then the rest, but it follows the same principle. If JJ wants to fly? She can do it. She can’t get very high, she’s slow, and she’s average as anyone would be at steering, but she can get into the air for a while. If JJ wants to hit superspeeds? She’d never circle the planet once in a minute, but she might break the sound barrier. Durability? She’ll never be a brick but she could take a bullet as well as any Kevlar.

“Well, dang, JJ, that sounds like it’s not so bad. You must have it easy out there.”
She doesn’t. In order for her ability to manifest, she has to actively try. Once she’s started to try, she can stop focusing on it - but the second she’s in a fight? She has to try to understand her surroundings. If she’s looking for someone, she has to make an effort from the outset. When she wants to hit something, she has to try to hit it hard enough to break. The only exception is superpowers: unless she’s constantly and actively focused on the task at hand, she’s got less than five minutes before her ability wears off.

Her need to actively try is her biggest setback to using this ability in combat. Should her concentration be broken, or if she loses active interest in a task, her ability becomes at the very least less effective, if not entirely neutralized.

Oh... and one more thing. While Jacque herself is aware of the nature of her abilities being rooted in some kind of meta-gene, knowing people would exploit her concentration liability if they knew about it will lead her to tell you that every near-miss or almost-impossible situation she finds herself in is “just lucky, I guess” - hence her name.

“Don’t let that cute face fool you. She’s a terror. A pink-haired, glitter-bombing, gum-chewing terror.”

JJ has all the marks of a typical teenage wannabe hero, from her colorful outfit to her talkative personality. She tries to be an optimist, which goes as well as one would expect, but it’s better than the alternative, especially in a dump like Pax. It’s good enough to keep her chin up and a smile on her face, but she’s not dense. She knows full well how bad this place can be. Maybe she’d be better at this if she wasn’t trying, but she doesn’t want to risk it.

Even as she tries to see the best in the world, though, she also doesn’t let it fool her when she’s fighting scum. She’s not afraid to hit a guy too hard over the head. She’s got no qualms about pulling her handgun on a rapist or mugger. And lord help you if you so much as breathe a word about the gum. But she is out there trying to make this city better. She might just be average at that, too - but it’s the thought that counts, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

This last fact stems from her main emotional weakness: an intense anxiety in the face of failure. For JJ, failure just isn't an option. She's willing to suffer from mediocrity rather than fail entirely on a task. Even if she'd be better at something by not trying, and just doing, Jacque isn't often willing to step outside the realm of guarantees.

She’s not a hardened criminal, she’s not a moral paragon, and despite the personality traits - she’s not a psychopath. She has her reasons for doing this.

They’re just none of your business.

“Why d’ya wanna know?”

Unlike some people, Pax’s Pink Prodigy hasn’t been training for years. She's still relatively new to the whole hero biz, and relatively normal by day. At 19 she attends an online college from the comfort of her apartment, working her way from becoming an average student to becoming an average reporter. Her lone homebody lifestyle means most of her daytime hours are spent at home or running errands, and the nights when she doesn’t have a paper pending are spent out having fun the only way a person with very few friends and a lot of time can, in a place like Pax.

Her mom is a costumer for a theater in the nicer part of the city, which is how JJ learned to get away with changing a little contour so nobody recognizes her face. Her dad’s got a comfortable, middle-class office job in the area, too, and her parents provide her with a small allowance. While she’s far from uncomfortable with “taking a loan” from the people who get in Lady Luck’s way, Jacque also works all kinds of odd jobs - short of the uncomfortable, dirty, or outright embarrassing, she’ll do anything you want during daylight hours.

Just be careful it’s not the kind of thing she’ll find you for at night.

Other Random Facts
(so I don't forget them tbh but have fun knowing these)
  • She's a showtunes kind of gal, and often listens to or at least hums songs while on patrol. Her top five are, in order: Six, Wicked, Chicago, Hamilton, Into the Woods.
  • She exclusively chews original pink gum. Won't take fruit or mint flavored even when offered.
  • Makes a deliberate point of not swearing.
  • The color at the ends of her hair is actually chalk, not dye, so she washes it out at the end of the night. She's been known to wear other colors of chalk during the day, but she's naturally blonde.
  • She swings both ways. Violently. With a sledgehammer.
  • Yes, she dresses like that. No, we don't discuss it.
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The Wrought Iron Avenger [High-Tech/Vigilante Flex]

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"For all that he struggled, in the end his life will be remembered as a failure. Mine shall not."

The city of Pax once knew a man, an icon. A figure who could force the shadows to flee, a man they called him the Daimyo, and to many, he may have been the greatest hero Pax had ever seen. Not for his deeds, for while great might never eclipse the renown of one such as [FILL WITH ESTABLISHED HERO], but for his zealous tenacity. A hero, who was just a man compelled by an unwavering drive to do right. He was a paragon. A figure none could identify with, powered by a truly inhuman level of self-sacrifice. Yet an ideal they could all seek to strive for. A beacon that gave hope to the idea that the peace he bled for may someday be forged,

Yet no man could fight forever, and the Daimyo understood this better than most. For every day that passed his body aged, for every time he was knocked down he'd get up that much slower. Age or fatigue would one day claim him, and when it did he knew to be prepared. For if no one stood to take his place, the progress he made would swiftly slip away. While he fought for his city, he could never truly trust it. Lest purged it's nature would always consume it, so if one was to continue his cause, then he could only trust himself to bring forth a suitable replacement.

Stolen from his home before he could speak, The Successor was raised for a single purpose. He would succeed where his master would inevitably fail. For the Daimyo understood that legends and myths are not born, but slowly and carefully crafted, and the greater the symbol, the greater the effort and dedication required to cultivate it. However, by the time he'd come to realize the role he must play in the salvation of his city, it was far too late for him to do it himself. So he set about on the only task he could still perform. To ensure that his city would receive the savior it was due, he would use what life he had to create one suitable to accomplish what he could not. That egomania, the belief that he alone was the only one capable of saving his city. It drove the Daimyo to rob a child of its home, and drive him down a path he knew ended only in self-destruction. It was this belief, his burden and his curse, that was his successor's sole inheritance when the bastion finally broke.

As such The Successor's drive to save the city and purge the snakes from its weeds are not his own, for they, much like the rest of him are mere leftovers from his predecessor. He is merely an imitation of the champion the Daimyo was unable to become. Programmed with the same desire for justice while utterly lacking the context needed to dispense it. His ideology is a flawed facsimile, the goal of peace, tainted by the understanding that no peace can be reached without violently driving out those who wish to disrupt it. However, while he cannot deny his identity as a fraudulent hero whose mere existence is fraught with hypocrisy, if such false heroics can save bring peace to Pax... then he would willingly revel in its contradictions.

Now... mere days since the fall of the icon, another has taken to the streets in grab reminiscent of the shattered titan. The city is divided on what to make of this new guard, a figure both familiar and foreign. Some claim him a grifter, unabashedly carrying the legacy of a hero still warm in the grave. A rare few seek to laud him, asserting him as some form of second coming for a fallen champion.

Yet for all the chatter, for all the ceaseless questioning, the only answer the city has received from the man in question is silence. For whether they cheer or despise him, he will save their city.

"The flesh is weak, but iron... iron is unyielding. "

When the Daimyo sought to make a successor to his legacy, he sought to make him perfect. Setting his eyes upon a child who showed high signs of intelligence at a young age, that child was raised not as a man, but as a machine. A being who learned nothing more than what was required for his mission. His body was pushed to its breaking point, while his mind was molded to be adaptive and sharp, all while he was constantly reminded throughout of the necessity of his pain, the reason he must fight. A lesser man would have broken, the Daimyo himself would have faltered, yet for the boy who knew nothing yet of life aside from the hell he struggled through. His mind overcame, and his ego persevered. Until the day came, with his mind suitable hardened, his body was next.

The human form is flawed, limited in what it can perform. So for The Successor to prevail, it was a necessity that he be freed from those shackles. Every biological component enhanced, brought to a level where it could easily surpass even the unnatural denizens who prowled the nights.

Down to the most base aspect of his autonomy, the very skeletal structure of The Successor has been overhauled to increase both its durability and efficiency. Comprised primarily of a hyper-porous grade 5 titanium foam, the bones of The Successor have been fine-tuned for perfection. Threaded with a complex system of microscopic channels running through the metal bones, the dense structure ensures that a healthy amount of marrow is still able to propagate through his body and generate blood cells. All while a thin layer of ceramics surrounding the bones themselves prevents the titanium from decaying through constant friction and releasing toxic particles into the rest of his body. A combination that has resulted in The Successor's frame becoming nigh impossible to shatter through conventional means. A strength that proves invaluable given the immense operations that must be performed to replace a single joint if it was to fail. However, to assist with the day to day upkeep of these bones, the same passageways used to generate blood cells are constantly maintained through the use of countless biomedical nanomachines constantly coursing through him.

These bones alone, however, would only serve to burden him a fight if not paired with the adequate strength required to manage their additional weight. It is here where the coiled carbon-fiber-reinforced siloxane rubber begins to truly shine. Powered through thermal actuation, a slight amount of heat sent through the coiled muscles once the electroencephalography sensors located within The Successor's central nervous system detects the appropriate commands to move. This heat then induces a degree of swelling within the fibers, forcing them to either contract or extend as the situation requires with forces extending over two hundred times what conventional trained human muscles would be able to accomplish. Leaving The Successor capable of effortlessly lifting not only his own increased weight but able to deliver blows with enough force to impart severe internal damage with minimal effort. These muscles similarly grant him an added degree of resilience against blunt weaponry and attacks, acting as a dampening wall that serves to mitigate oncoming forces while dispersing it through his interconnected body, taking even more strain off his already hyper durable skeletal structure. With these two elements combined, The Successor would already prove capable of surviving direct collisions with high-speed vehicles, however, the protection installed within The Wrought Iron Avenger far from ends there.

Covering every inch of The Successor's body asides from its key joints is the frontline of his protection. Comprised of 95% calcium carbonate and 5% trace foreign elements, the composition of his plates is akin to the defensive shell of creatures like the conch giving his form the signature rigid and armored look. The calcium carbonate while proving tough when exposed to light amounts of force can often prove quite brittle when struck with sufficient power. This is what the last elements serve to mitigate, providing a slight amount of flexibility that can balance out the defense's largest flaw. These bioorganic plates, while liable to crack under high amounts of pressure or blunt force trauma, are extremely effective at defending against two of the most common weapons found within Pax, knives and small handguns. While handguns can find marginal success with penetrating his defenses if one was to concentrate a tightly packed burst of shots at a single area, bladed weapons are all but rendered useless against the calcium carbonate. Requiring something more akin to a sledgehammer to stand any chance at shattering through the rigid protections. However, even if destroyed, until the rest of his body, the plates are designed to be easily replaceable given their vulnerable position. As the first area to hold against all forms of physical attacks, the plates can be recrafted and refitted at a night's end to ensure The Successor is running at optimal levels as often as possible.

Directly beneath this layer of protection exists what can roughly be defined as The Successor's skin. A thin black layer comprised largely of carbon fiber and lined with small sensors running under the surface. These sensors ranging from thermal to kinetic, serve to replace the feeling of touch lost by the extreme augmentation his body has endured. These senses, however, are purely synthetic, which lends to a degree of customizable to how his nervous system interprets his body's feedback. Put simply, The Successor does not feel pain, rather he gains the information that pain is meant to convey without the unneeded discomfort. Allowing for a heightened degree of not only physical but mental endurance when struck with traditionally crippling blows. However, this layer of skin also works as an added means of protection. As the treated and insulated weave forming his skin is not only resilient when exposed to high voltages of electricity, but similarly provides a high degree of fire retardation. Two forces that are vital to disrupt given both the sensitive nature of his internal electronics, but the danger that overheating could prove given the thermal dependency of his muscles. The treated nature of the weave also serves to render most heavily acidic chemical compounds inert, providing an amble degree of protection to any myriad of less conventional attacks that may find themselves utilized against him. In totality, The Successor is something akin to an urban tank, capable of enduring an endless amount of physical abuse with minimal damage while pumping out blows packing enough power to neutralize most combatants with a glancing strike.

Beyond the general enhancements to his functionality as a base human, The Successor has received a variety of specialized augmentations that serve to add or bolster abilities a common man would be unable to perform. Chief among these are the additions made to his limbs, turning the already flexible tools into heavily modified pieces of equipment that only serve to extend his already vast arsenal.

Within both the soles of his feet and the palms of his hands rest powerful pairs of electromagnets, used both for scaling and maneuvering around buildings, securing himself upon fast-moving vehicles or ensuring nothing can escape his grasp. Additionally, within his fingers and in front of his feet, are housed several thin graphene hooks that can be projected with enough force to bury them deep within concrete or stone. These claws, while primarily used when climbing surfaces his magnets could not, also serve as an added form of weaponry in close combat.

Similarly, most of his internal organs have received either a substantial upgrade or a notable system to compliment the function it already performed. His lungs have been torn out and replaced with a device designed to extract carbon dioxide from the blood and pump in fresh oxygen. Oxygen that is primarily sourced through the entire surface area of the Successors skin through a series of heavily filtrated vents, however in the case were the body unable to pull in fresh air from its surroundings, it possesses an internal system of oxygen storage. Allowing The Wrought Iron Avenger to last for nearly half an hour without air before his systems begin to run dry. Similarly, his liver has been upgraded in order to better help his body deal with what toxic by-product may be created by his bones breaking.

However, the bulk of The Successor's specialized enhancement lies within his cerebral augmentations. With one of his most advanced proving to be the intracortical microstimulation brain-machine interface known as the electro sense. A form of external simulated sense capable of detected nearby electromagnetic radiation before cross-referencing it with The Successor's geographical index and internal location tracking in order to create an approximation of its source. A process which grants The Wrought Iron Avenger a form of sixth sense, and subconscious spatial awareness of nearby electronics. Ranging from phones, pacemakers, smartwatches, or Bluetooth earphones. Elements that can be used to identify incoming attackers or detect how many bodies may be within a room without having to gain visual confirmation.

Installed to compliment this pseudo danger sense perfectly are the finely tuned reflexes of the Avenger. A fundamental limitation of the average human mind is how quickly it can interpret and act upon information it receives from its senses. For not only must the brain register the information, but it must also attempt to determine what the best method of responding to the information is in a given moment. While good instincts, intuition, and reflexes can partially serve to mitigate this innate limitation, they can never hope to perfectly cancel it out. This momentary gap between the acquisition of information and the brain's response is typically filled by flinching. An involuntary muscular reaction that attempts to act as a catch-all for all forms of danger. Within The Successor, this flinching has been completely overhauled and turned into a powerful evasion tool that can only be compared to precognition.

For within The Successor's mind is housed a large index of saved sensory information. Simple recorded sensations such as the smell of gunpowder, or the sight of a twitchy trigger finger. These sensations are linked together by a weak AI to form scenarios, scenarios that require a specific response to best avoid danger. These scenarios are then saved, along with the appropriate response, until, The Successor's artificial senses register a combination of information within an acceptable margin of difference between the information stored within his index. Causing his body to immediately playback the necessary response without any form of conscious thought, moving him out of danger the instant his body is capable of registering it. In a realm such as combat, where almost every maneuver stems from a well-documented form of fighting, this simple system can prove itself to be remarkably effective at predicting the correct response nearly as soon as the move begins. Given the wide array of variables that exist in every individual fight, the weak AI that attempts to detect incoming attacks can never truly be perfect. However, it can learn, increasing in accuracy not only on a micro-level while attuning itself to the parameters of the current fight, but on a macro-level, as it constantly saves new sensations or variables to not only register new attacks but improve itself at detecting old one. A common myth that has come to circulate The Successor in the single week he's been active, is that the Barghest cannot be struck by the same blow twice. A belief that while technically incorrect has yet to be truly disproven. For the longer, The Successor fights a single opponent, the more the odds of success swing out of his opponent's favor, as he draws closer and closer to the inevitable point in which all blows thrown his way are automatically avoided.

Yet while the majority of The Successor's neural augmentations seek to bolster his performance in physical combat, he possesses a vast array of might enhancements that seek to speed up his more routine actions. From simple additions such as an internal calculations machine that can both register and process complex vectors allowing him to take long-range precision shots without any of the usual concentration or features such as frequency hopping communication, encrypted file storage and previewer, enhanced optical processing, rangefinders, as well as heavily protected and quarantined access to the internet. to his advanced system of transcranial direct current stimulation memory prostheses. A system that runs from the tips of his fingers up to his augmented brains and allows him to both detect and emit targeted pulses into the hippocampus. Allowing him to both absorb and transfer memories so long as he is in direct contact with the head of his target. This system, unlike conventional psychics, cannot be defended against through anything akin to grit or willpower. As the process simply reads the internal bioelectrical signals running through one's brains, a process they have almost no control over. So long as he is given ample time, and so long as the target remembers it, The Successor is capable of not only drawing it out but of implanting a false memory in its place. An ethically dubious process that can theoretically allow The Wrought Iron Avenger to completely rewrite the contents of one's life, before erasing even the memory of himself from it. Leaving them a fundamentally different person then they were before, all while they continued through life none the wiser. However, despite its implications, this mind-meld is typically used for interrogation in lieu of the laughably inefficient method of torture. Yet on rare occasions, it has been used to transfer his own memories into another, conveying information far more accurately and quickly than verbal communication

"Tools for peace, remarkably similar to weapons of war."


While The Wrought Iron Avenger can act as an unstoppable force of technological power while unarmed, the Daimyo was not attempting to create an adequate savior, but a perfect one. Given not only the body capable of performing extraordinary feats but the tools needed to draw out the most from his superior form.

As such The Successor was raised with a blade in one hand and a gun in the other. He came to know them each as an extension of himself. Not in the way similar to enlightened sword saints or gun gurus, but as physical additions to his body. Tools indistinguishable from his hands or feet, tools which he learned to wield as naturally as one might learn to walk. Fundamentally he understands and utilizes weapons in a way those who's first memories do not contain them would ever truly grasp. They are not additions, they are not external, they are him. Training and adopting new techniques with any form of weaponry is something that comes extremely quickly to him. A trait that has let him master most forms of broad weapons types while still achieving a degree of competency within several less common tools. Of course, it would be utterly impractical to carry every form of weapon possible at one time. So, the only true choice ever given to the child was whichever weapons he naturally gravitated to. Finding aptitude in swords, this was where The Successor would spend most of his combat training honing. Gaining a degree of specialization and experience with the weapons that few others can boast. This experience has also come with an understanding of both his nature while fighting and how to best exploit his weapons against the common fighters he faces.

The careful balance between reaction and action lies at the heart of most close combat engagement. With each fighter possessing a natural proclivity for either end of the two poles. This unconscious position on the invisible axis is where any individual fighter might seek to naturally gravitate to, yet the mark of a truly learned fighter is being capable of identifying when your own nature is working counteract to your chances at success. When a tendency to rely on reaction is failing in the face of a foe adept at enduring counterattacks. Yet this assumption that a fighter must be capable of adapting their nature to overcome unassailable foes is something The Successor is unable to adopt. For he stands in the realm of unrelenting action. Possessing the ability to string an almost endlessly amount of attacks to both constantly keep his foe on the defensive and guard against any angles of counterattack. This, for any typical man, would be impossible to sustain. Perfect defense achieved through unstoppable offense. Yet in combination with his adaptive flinching, and his innate capability to unconsciously avoid attacks. The Wrought Iron Avenger is capable of fighting without devoting an ounce of thought to his own well being. A style of fighting perfectly complemented by his pair of twin sword, allowing him to keep up constant pressure at a rate far exceeding what he could accomplish with a single blade. For a man with such a gift at offensive fighting to be given the perfect unconscious defensive tool to assist an otherwise unsustainable nature is nothing short of a miracle. As to be pitted against both the unrelenting twin swords of the Successor combined with a nigh-perfect evasion sense allowing him to punish even the safest attempt to counter-attack can often lead to a situation that feels borderline hopeless.

Upon his hip rests his signature swords, the Izanami and its twin the Izanagi. Two blades fashions to invoke both the use and aesthetics of the anarchic Japanese wakizashi. Each possessing an identical 40-centimeter single-sided blade, they serve as The Successor's go to close range weapon within a fight. Prioritized for not only their speed but deadly efficiency. Capable of slicing through almost all forms of conventional matter placed in front of them, the Twins can render most high-grade armor almost entirely useless. A property gained in large part due to each blade's carbon-fiber-reinforced molecular structure and thermal conductive capabilities. The blade itself primarily composed of a carbon steel based alloy, constructed and reinforced on a nanoscopic level granting it an immense tolerance to heat and physical punishment. Elements needed given the speeds The Successor's artificial limbs are capable of swinging his blades at. With all this combined the blade itself is rather stiff and unlike traditional spring steel, it refuses to bend. While this should theoretically compromise the structural integrity and make it far too brittle to be usable, it manages to sidestep this problem with its perfect Harmonic Balance.

It would be a mistake to call the blade "sharp", for in truth the edge is rather dull when compared to the apex of bladed weapons. Instead, it's cutting power comes from a mix of two elements, it's high-frequency micro-vibrations and thermal output. These two elements combine to form a blade that can slice through almost any material known to man. The small vibrations caused by the blade destabilize and split the molecular structure of the object it attempts to cut, with the intense heat radiating from the blade serving to loosen the atomic bonds while the micro-vibrations tear the material apart. This process is not unlike a chainsaw, however instead of moving back and forth, it causes the entire blade to move side to side. As one might expect the process of introducing the blade to high-frequencies along with releasing such extreme heat consumes a massive amount of energy, however, this is yet another aspect helped by the blade's Harmonic Balance.

This Harmonic Balance makes the blade, it the simplest terms, wasteless. Excess energy and vibrations caused by striking a target are redirecting back into the blade rather than sent into the user hilt. The purpose of this is two-fold, not only does it allow the user to maintain a firm grip on the blade, but it lets the high-frequency micro-vibrations act as a power source. This creates a positive feedback loop that only needs a drop of power before it begins the snowball. The energy sent out by one vibration redirected back into the blade, causing it to vibrate once more. A back and forth process that happens thousands upon thousands of times within the span of a second. The heat generated by this rapid movement is also self-sufficient, as heat is merely a measurement of the vibrations a molecule is experiencing. Rather than being an intended feature, the thermal energy that serves to improve to cutting power of the blade is more of a side-effect of the high-frequency micro-vibrations already occurring. A side-effect that can then be reconverted into kinetic energy to increase the frequency of the blade's vibration if the target proves too resilient. The current threat level, in both vibration speed and heat, can be accurately gauged by the level of red light radiating off the blades. With it's highest recorded glow leaving the blades capable of carving clean through a titanium safehouse door before reducing its inhabitants in charred ribbons.

It is on his back that his second set of twin blades are stowed, weapons designed to be wielded against those rare few who prove too durable for his crimson swords to slice. They are The Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi and The Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. Two blades, thought to be one, perfectly compatible and acting in perfect unison. For a single one to be drawn is to mean The Successor faces a truely threatening foe, for both, a truely insurmountable one.

The power of the Tsurugis lies within two things. The first of which are the blades modular design. For, rather than a single solid material, the Tsurugi blades are comprised of small individual links that are strung together with a dense polymer cord woven with carbon nanotubes running down the center of the blade. These links are then usually kept locked together with strong magnetic forces that can give the blades the illusion of stability. The advantages provided by this design are numerous, however, it's too most impactful gains are it's increased rigidity and its new layer of adaptability.

While no blade can ever truly be called unbreakable, the magnetic links of the Tsurugi allow them to get dangerously close. For when struck by forces strong enough to shatter the extremely durable material of the blade, rather than snapping the blade merely starts to bend. While most conventional swords do possess the ability to yield their shape momentarily and bend slightly, none can compare to the degree of motion the Tsurugi can perform to avoid snapping. As each individual link of the blade can simply slide back when it encounters a force it physically cannot push past. This insurance allows The Wrought Iron Avenger to wield his blades without any thought for how they may hold up when swung at his full strength.

Adaptablity, the second boon granted by the interlocking links, is arguably the greatest advantage given over other swords. As the Tsurugis have no single shape, rather they have fundamental links that can be shifted and extended at a moment's notice to arrive at whichever shape fit's its wielder at a given moment. Controlled by The Successor's EEG sensors the shape of the blade can be reconfigured on the fly with a single thought. Its links can part slightly to form a serrated edge, or rapidly move to emulate the cutting power of the Twins. The very blade itself can even twist and move, bringing with it horrific implications for those who find themselves with the blade thrust through them as it proves capable of literally cutting them apart from the inside out. Yet, of course, the most utilized ability of the amorphous blades is extending its range in quick bursts. Given that mere inches can change the tide of a fight completely, the advantage state The Successor can put himself in by converting the Tsurugi's length into a weapon more akin to a long bladed whip cannot be understated. He can extend its tip at the last possible moment to make an attack that his opponent expected to dodge long enough to cleave through them. The burst of magnetic force can similarly be used to extend the tip within an instant, acting as a short-range projectile that can be withdrawn in a moment. This extension not only serves as a powerful surprise factor, but also simply increases the versatility and range of it. Two elements that can often win a fight alone.

Yet, this alone may serve to make the Tsurugis powerful weapons, however, they would be a far cry from the final ace in the hole within The Wrought Iron Avenger's arsenal. What elevates them to this level of renown is their ability to split matter as if it was air. Each blow a raging storm, with each cut only comparable to a bolt of stray lighting. If the Twins are perfection through uniform efficiency, the Tsurugi Blades is the power of unbridled wrath. Wielding the forces of superheated plasma manipulated and channeled through the powerful bonded magnetic fields used to keep the links locked in place. The two swords are true bottled lightning, fused into a pair of neo-mythical blades. Sporting a bright and vibrant blue hue and unmistakable aura of air moments away from a violent thunderstorm.

Far from carve or slice matter, the plasma bonded blades simply vaporized what matter dares contest it. As the electrically charged particles pass an immense amount of both current and heat through an object before the twin forces rapidly destabilize and incinerate it. To be sliced by the Tsurugi isn't be cut, but to be sundered. To be fundamentally divided at a level that cannot ever truly be undone. When the charged Tsurugi swings it is far from elegant, the plasma trails through the air leaving flashes of heat and thunder in its wake. The chaotic forces of expanding plasma constantly attempts to break free of its magnetic confines, crackling as it moves, vaporizing stray dust particles in violent bursts. To say nothing of the cacophony that rings out on direct impacts, as the superheating of the matter struck can often force it to expand at an unsustainable rate until it's forced to erupt.

The pinnacle of this erratic destruction, however, is only achieved when the two Tsurugi's magnetic fields are linked as the links snap together. Forging the two single edges blades into a large single conducting rod possessing the combined might of both swords. Further multiplied by the process of magnetic reconnection. A fundamental plasma physics process which occurs only when plasmas with different magnetic fields collide. As the magnetic fields of each plasma get close to each other, the entire pattern of magnetic field lines changes and everything realigns into a new magnetic configuration. Producing an unfathomable amount of stray energy in the process. This combined with a massive release of the magnetic field's binding the rest of the superheated plasma is the true might of the Duel Tsurugi: Yamata no Orochi

An utterly destructive release of force only comparable to the invocation of true lightning.

The arsenal of The Successor extends far beyond just his blades, for while they may be the tools he finds himself most proficient in, they are far from the only weapons he is capable of using. His entire body is an armory, every inch of dotted with several small compartments housing small specialized tools that can be withdrawn at a moment's notice. This makes The Successor extremely difficult to truly disarm, as well as allowing him to prime himself with a device without making it known through simple sleight of hand.

These small brittle orbs, while kept secure within the cushioned containers they are housed in, can be removed and detonated with no form of ignition aside from a sudden impact. A sudden impact and induction of friction that causes the unstable Nitrogen triiodide within the capsule to detonate. Igniting the dense potassium chlorate and hexachloroethane-zinc into a rapid spread of white dense smoke with enough volume to easily flood a room with enough fumes to completely observe vision. While typical smoke grenade exhibit a fairly slow fumigation rate, the chemical cocktail within The Successors capsules utilize trace amounts of white phosphorus to massively increase the initial burst of smoke once its seal is broken. While the concentration of phosphorus is low enough to render the overall smoke fairly harmless unless a large amount of it is inhaled, a direct impact with the capsule can still result in extreme burns in a small targeted area.

Much like his smoke grenades, The Successors gas pellets utilize a very similar method of ignition. Allowing for instantaneous deployment without the need to pull a pin or wait for detonation. While this would theoretically make the devices more prone to accidents, this risk is often negligible when the tools are wielding by one with as much experience with them as The Successor has. The gas itself is fairly typical as military-grade crowd suppression tools are concerned, comprised of dibenzoxazepine, or as it's more commonly referred to as CR gas. Substantially more powerful that police-grade tear gas used to control riots, CR gas is both fast-acting and extremely painful. As any direct contact with the gas can cause excruciating pain across the skin, or in the cases that it encounters the face, blindness, and coughing. CR gas alone has been known to immediately incapacitate those struck by it, and the gas itself can last within an area for over two months unless properly decontaminated. CR gas can additionally prove to be lethal after several minutes of direct exposure if the gas is spread through a poorly ventilated area. A death that would bring with it an indescribable amount of pain.

The final, and only true explosive wielded by The Successor also prove to be his largest. The mines, while comparable to the size of a watch are fitted upon the sides of his hips, and prove completely inert unless first removed from their holdings and activated via EEG sensors. However, once pulled and armed, these mines can be fashioned to just about any surface and can both be triggered mentally by The Successor or through its infrared motion detection. The mine itself is constructed of airtight plastic, allowing it to even be deployed underwater. Given the mine's small size, it's payload is primarily comprised of Cyclotol. A concentrated substance with similar chemical traits to the more commonly used Composition B. Cyclotol, typically used in warheads, has a substantially higher ratio of cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine to trinitrotoluene, creating a far more sensitive and volatile payload than most anti-personal explosives. As such a direct blast from the small mines is almost guaranteed to severely maim, if not outright kill anyone caught in its admittedly large blast radius. The destructive power of the payload also allows The Successor to use them as breaching charges, or other forms of structural demolition rather than solely for trapping an area.

While The Successor is no stranger to firearms and will generally prefer using them when forced to engage in any form of long to mid-range combat, his carbon steel shurikens ofter a unique niche somewhere in between. Given that he typically attempts to engage threats with both blades armed and at the ready, drawing and holstering a gun for quick ranged attacks is often extremely inefficient. However, if he still desires to attack a retreating opponent, or apply pressure while approaching, the shurikens are both easy to access and once thrown require no additional action in order to stow. While stored with all four edges folded into one to keep them more space-efficient, it takes only a slight flick to return it so a functional state and lock them into place. After which they can be used as both tools for long-range distractions, or small lacerating weapons that can be extremely difficult to spot and actively avoid when thrown amongst shadows. These lightweight weapons are primarily thrown in one of two fashions, horizontally for slicing into exposed or poorly protected parts of flesh, or vertically to use the force generated by both gravity and it's spin to penetrate thicker portions of armor.

Small micro tracking GPS devices attached to a lightweight magnetic barb, designed to be as inconspicuous as possible allowing for The Successor to slip them on something as simple as a watch or a single patch of clothing without drawing suspicion. However, they can be used with far more versatility than simply attaching them directly to a target. The magnetic nature of the device can allow him to affix them to his shurikens for long-range tagging or if the distance is close enough he can often just throw them by themselves. These chips are furthermore connected to a private satellite, allowing their location to be viewed at any point through The Successor's Minicomputer for the next five years before the chip eventually runs out of power.

As one who arms himself with blades and guns, the Successor rarely fights with the intent not to kill whoever he sets his sights upon. However, there are cases in which a target holds more value alive, whether for the information they hold, the power they possess, or the bigger fish they can draw out. In these cases, he'll attempt to subdue and with a ketamine cocktail delivered through a hypodermic needle launched through a single shot tranquilizer pistol. However, unlike typical sedatives, the ketamine is laced with small amounts of Etorphine in order to further increase its effectiveness. While constant exposure to the chemical could lead to some form of addiction, a single target is rarely hit with multiple of these darts over a close enough period of time to form a habit. The darts themselves purposefully contain a higher dosage than what might be safest to use. As while this can run the risk of overdosing a target, it can all but guarantees they go down within the span of several seconds, after which they can be treated if the dosage proves to be too high. Yet even still, due to the opioids mixed into the drug, it isn't uncommon for the tranquilizer to trigger an overdosage that would prove just as fatal as a bullet to the head, especially when used against those with less mass than a full-grown average male.

While the Successor will often switch up his arms if he has a planned operation in mind, his commonly equipped weapons stay fairly consistent. Armed with a Scorpion EVO 3 A1, the gun comes both suppressed and able to unload a full magazine of 30 rounds in just over one second at an effective range of around 200 yards. It can also be converted into a machine pistol by simply detaching the stock. Along with the submachine gun, The Successor is typically armed with a mismatched pair of akimbo handguns. The Custom CZ 2075 RAMI P and a Modified M1911. Both proving to be lightweight and easily concealable handguns, constructed with polymer frames to make them even lighter and tone down the recoil. They have both been additionally outfitted with a carbonadium slide for close range encounters, allowing him to "parry" bladed weapons without compromising the stability of his weapons and can be suppressed as needed.

Given The Successor's ability to clamber up buildings with ease, the function of his line launcher is rarely actually used for mobility. Something primarily due to its small size, as it doesn't possess a powerful enough motor to pull someone like The Successor up the full length of a building. Instead, the utility of the line relies more on the strength of the cord itself. Fashion from the same threading as the cord running those his Tsurugis, the carbon filament weave is nigh impossible to snap, even when faced with supernaturally powerful forces. It's for this reason that even while unable to pull him, the line can be used to emulate swing, requiring only that he leaps from a high enough location before he can use the cord to simply transfer his vertical momentum into a horizontal one. If The Successor is put in a position where he is forced to climb using the line he is either forced to use it as something akin to a rudimentary belay or simply use his raw strength to lift himself up. While the grapnel launcher does possess a motor capable of lifting small objects, it is far from powerful enough to pull an unwilling human, much less the artificially augmented Avenger. Instead, the majority of the work produced by the line is done by the synthetic muscles of The Successor himself. If he wishes to drag someone close to him, he doesn't reel in the line, rather he physically pulls them closer. While this might be a task impossible for most, The Successor's weight and mag-locked feet allow him to serve as a powerful anchor. Capable of at the very least holding most moving objects back from getting further away from him unless the hook is removed. The method of attachment for the hook is often a simple mechanical claw, however, at times this can be replaced with a high power magnet or a heavy spike with long barbs designed hook into soft materials such as flesh.

When it comes to cutting through material, it's hard to find a tool more suited for the job then the four swords The Wrought Iron Avenger already carries with him. However, there are times when discretion is valued over raw cutting power, and it is in these times that The Successor's 800W handheld cutting laser finds it's used. Able to wire itself through his body and into his internal battery the powerful laser can harness energy levels comparable to industrial metalworking tools. Easily capable of cutting through materials with similar density to 3mm of steel. While incapable of carving straight through a bunker, or a thick door, the purpose of the tool is rarely to cut through the toughest portion of an object but the weakest. Using to open a hole through windows, cut through locks, or access a set of wires underneath a control panel that would otherwise be sealed off. The laser can theoretically also be used in combat, however, it's fairly impractical even its size and the time required for the laser to be held on a single point before it begins to cause any significant damage. However, merely being grazed by the beam can often be enough to ignite soft fabrics or inflict mild burns.

While tranquilizer darts can prove remarkably effective at neutralizing a target at mid-range, there are times in which finding a spot of exposed skin to reliably hit with a dart is extremely difficult. For cases such as this, The Wrought Iron Avenger always comes with a backup plan for non-lethal incapacitation, his most effective, a simple contact taser capable of dispensing just shy of 8.9 milliamps of electrical current through a target's body. This is more than enough to disrupt all control over one's muscles, rendering them semi-conscious yet completely paralyzed. This form of neuromuscular incapacitation typically even finds success against even bio-deviant combatants possessing heightened durability. Given that an increase of muscle mass and density does very little to defend against an attack that seeks to damage the communication between limb and mind. This defenseless state is then typically exploited by injecting them with a safer variant of the tranquilizer used in his darts.

Far from operating within strict absolutes or unwavering moral rules, The Successor treats lethality like anything else, a tool. There are times when someone must be killed in order to achive the desired result, and there are times where they would serve better alive, The Wrought Iron Avenger rarely finds himself favoring either method, save for the speed in which he can bring down threats without worrying for their wellbeing. In the case that he seeks to apprehend them however, he usually carries with him a dozen polycarbonate zip-ties, which prove far harder to escape than traditional handcuffs yet are far easier to reproduce using a 3-D printer, and a single pair of carbonadium designed for bio-deviant targets. While The Successor rarely makes a habit of detaining targets for extended periods of time due to the risks of an escape compromising the location of his assets, and the additional upkeep required to ensure they survive captivity, there are times when he is forced to make exceptions. In cases in which he needs a large amount of information, information that cannot be obtained within one night, or in cases in which he views the Pax PD to be utterly incapable of handling the threat. Whether because they lack the power or tools to contain them, or whether because the criminal justice system would find them innocent of any legal wrongdoings. For The Successor does not hunt down criminals, he purges the city of those who have infested its folds and brought upon its unshakable rot. A methodology that places him at odds with the Pax PD just as often as it places them on the same side. However, whether the law will come to see him as a menace or an evil necessary to slay evil has yet to be seen.

While utterly useless at treating The Wrought Iron Avenger, the ability to perform basic first aid is none the less an invaluable to possess. Containing basic painkillers, disinfectants, and anti-inflammatory drugs for tending to basic wounds, the kit also contains the requisite tools to perform on the fly blood transfusions and several ABO typing test to determine blood type. This, in combination with gauze and stitching materials, allows the kit to perform basic field dressings, making it ideal for treating both knife and bullet wounds. The case similarly contains a set of common antidotes designed to bolster an immune system against toxins and poisons, if not to completely cleanse them from their systems that to ensure they can survive long enough to receive a full treatment. Due to the size limitation on most of The Successors gear, the kit is rarely able to treat more than three people each with moderate to severe injuries before running dry on supplies, making The Avenger rather ill-suited for situations with mass civilian casualties.

Given that the number of tools needed to perform any form of physical labor can often require an entire toolbox worth of equipment, optimizations would have to be found if The Successor was to be able of performing technical work on a moment's notice. These optimizations came in the way of the Omnitool, a single catch-all frame that could be added onto in order to roughly accomplish what tasks it would take various distinct tools to perform. Akin to a new age swiss army knife, the Omnitool possesses a large assortment of attachable heads that can be placed upon to tool to transform it into a facsimile of the tool it was meant to imitate. A screwdriver head alone possesses multiple functions, able to morph between a Philp and flathead, extend its head to imitate larger tools or spin in a fashion similar to a power drill. These small heads are extremely easy to store in almost any part of his body and can be withdrawn and attached to the base Omnitool in seconds. As such it's almost always safe to assume that if a handheld version of a simple tool exists, a version of it in some shape or form exists as an Omnitool attachment. Ranging from lockpick to flashlight, to hammer, to camera and recorder, and everything in between.

The final, and by far most complex item The Successor keeps is his handheld ultra-processor, commonly referred to as his Microcomputer. This sleek black slab is comparable to the size of a tablet when not in it's collapsed space-efficient form, however it possesses far more power than it's size alone would entail. As rather than perform any true form of computation itself, the Microcomputer merely acts as a display port for the massive server hub housed in an unknown location within the city limits of Pax. This wireless connection itself utilizes a more advanced method of data encryption similar to common HTTPS, a system of encryption that would take longer than the theoretical lifetime of the universe to truly crack or trace without already possessing a backdoor into the main servers. While this does provide a range limitation on which the Microcomputer can effectively communicate with its main system and transfer data seamlessly, so long as the device is kept within the city most areas are capable of providing a stable connection. The only true examples of dead zones proving to be locations deep underground, or locations specially designed to block any form of wireless signals from passing in or out. However, given that The Successor will vary rarely find himself operating outside of the city, and that he can often avoid locations which such specific signal blocking qualities, these added risks are virtually negligible. especially due to the fact that the offloading of the central processing onto another system allows to the Microcomputer to preform at a size to power ratio only surpassed by quantum nanocomputers produced using the Atlas Particle.

This power is something that the Microcomputer takes full advantage of when processing data. Housing one of the largest databanks one can find within the city, the Microcomputer has both the functionality and versatility to access both governmental databases and keep a semi-stable connection to some multinational private conglomerates. Connections that are used to copy and compile every form of data accessible before the leak is discovered and the system is purged. This constant process of switching IP and attacking private systems over and over again while cloning as many files and systems as possible has allowed the Microcomputer to accrue a massive collection of data. Data that is then filed away no matter how useless or trivial it may seem. For each stray piece of information begins to slowly compound, until the gross sum of knowledge contained within the server allows The Successor to keep tabs on every moving part within the city. However, that point has far from come, and instead, the system acts as simply a massive library. Capable of fishing up addresses, birth certificates, social media pages, tax returns, and almost any other form of documentation that was once uploaded to a server. Given the current age of technology, it proves virtually impossible for any individual to stay off the system forever, as even the darkest corners of society keep their receipts. As such so long as he obtains a decent quality picture, a voice clip, or even so little as a date and location of birth combined with a first name, The Successor can often follow the cookie crumbs needed to piece together all the information about an individual one could ever need.

On top of acting as a raw data bank, the server hubs can serve as a powerful processor. Capable of directly connecting with devices found on the field through the Microcomputer and interacting with them directly. Whether this be breaking into a device's GPS tracking systems to identify it's location, accessing traffic cameras in order to gain sight on an otherwise distant location, or hacking into any secure device through either a direct link or methods such as acoustic spoofing. All these tools combined into a single device grants The Wrought Iron Avenger an unparalleled amount of options at his fingertips at all times. Using a simple traffic cam he can identify the face of a suspect, find their name and address before combing through various cell providers in order to locate recent phone logs and locate where their phones GPS placed them on any given day. All before he even attempts to confront the target in person. It is for this reason that The Successor operates on a level above the law, for the law operates far too slowly. In the time it would take for an officer to obtain a warrant, he's already working on locating any associates his target may have had while leaving the mess left in his wake as a job for the law enforcement to deal with.

"This war is me."

There is no man behind the mask of The Successor. No affluent life lived on the side. During the day he watches the shadows, and at night he roams the streets.

Those who seek to bring the city to its knees shall never rest, so neither does its liberator.
However, despite his complete and utter dedication, The Successor was left enough in the way of funds and resources by the Daimyo in order to ensure his crusade could go on without any need for rest. Given enough time, The Wrought Iron Avenger has proven himself to be capable of getting his hands upon almost any form of weaponry or technology required to accomplish a given job. These assets, while not impossible to burn through, more than covers what The Successor has deemed his average spending cost for the next eighty years. The only exceptions proving to be cases in which he is forced to spend an unexpected amount of capital in a single instance, such as the construction of a large hyper-specialized device, or the repair of his server hub.

Beyond the raw assets left behind by the Daimyo, the most notable resources left behind for The Successor in his base of operations. Given no true name, this subterranean retreat is where The Avenger spends what little time not out on the streets of Pax. Time either spent restocking himself with supplies, hauling back high-value targets for containment or maintaining his bodily functions such as rest, nourishment and repairs.

The location itself is in total around the size of four warehouses, each serving its own distinct purpose. While access into the location is typically gained through discrete passageways stemming from the sewer system, however, other rarely used emergency exit and entry points do exist. These additional locations are only used when absolutely necessary in order to best ensure they are kept hidden least someone proves capable of triangulating the location of the base given his approximate point of exit.

The first section of the base is primarily reserved for the location's armory. Used not only to house tools and weaponry but to contain the various piece of equipment required to maintain The Successor's own body. Given that his cybernetic form is little more than a walking weapon itself, it requires constant fine-tuning and testing to ensure it operates at the highest level possible at all times. As such this location also serves as his living quarters, complete with a resting area as well as an area for cooking and eating. However, the primary use of this facility is not for simply storing weapons, but modifying and engineering new ones. Given the wide range of threats the city faces on a day to day basis, both by bio-deviant and neuro-deviant forces, as well as by technological abnormalities sourced from outside the city and smuggled onto the streets through the black market, more than be prepare, The Successor must be adaptable. Constantly updating his arsenal and tactics for every threat he doesn't yet possess a perfect counter for. This drive for perfection, while a goal that can never truly be reached, pushes The Wrought Iron Avenger to be as close as he can be. This blend of adaptability and preparation is something that pairs perfectly with his hyper-efficient means of data collection, allowing him to compile dossiers on both the personal and combat quirks on those within the city who have garnered a reputation. The rate in which The Successor creates these files and updates them with every scrap of semi-relevant information is something any sane mind could only deem as unhinged. Yet this obsessive nature is something so ingrained into the mind of The Wrought Iron Avenger that is has become little more than second nature for him. Every inhabitant within Pax can someday come to threaten its peace, and as such, it is a necessity to know how best to exploit them while they serve alongside him and how to best deal with them when they inevitably turn against him.

The second section of the location is its containment sector, designed solely for holding those The Successor has deemed necessary of capture. The layout of the section is largely split into three distinct zones. The first of which is general containment, the area in which The Successor can deposit those dragged from the street without any strange traits. As such these containment zones function similarly to conventional cells, requiring no additional security measures to ensure no breach occurs. This area is inhabited by those The Successor intends on interrogating for information over long periods of time. Typically this is caused when a high-value target possesses a large amount of information that others would wish to see silenced. This often includes accessories to crimes, those attached to large scandals or conspiracies or simply those who have been connected to illegal activity for a long period of time. Seeing as these individuals are likely to be placed into witness protection if secured by the police and are likely to be executed if left on the streets, The Successor will often take them in for just long enough to extract as much information they can provide.

The second major zone within containment is for those unable to be contained by conventional cells or methods. These cells are designed to serve as a catch-all for those who exhibit minor signs of bio-deviance such as enhanced strength or speed. As such, while the material composition of the cell is generally more durable than traditional cells in order to compensate, the majority of the containment tactics are designed more to debilitate its captives rather than simply cage them. Most possess electrified walls, and multiple sensors that will fumigate an area with sedatives if triggered. This is to ensure that even if a captive possesses enough power to technically break free of their cells, they are unable to ever have enough time once they attempt to escape to make any headway. Generally, those confined within this second of detainment are either those who fall into a similar category as those confined within the first zone, with the key difference being those within Zone B have some form of bio-deviance. However, there are just as often cases in which The Successor feels the need to run a long series of tests and experiments on a target in order to best develop a strategy to use against them as those similar to them. In these cases, he will often detain them within Zone B until he has found an effective tactic, after which point he will either dispose of or release them after plugging the method into their dossier.

The third and final containment zone, is strangely enough, almost completely barren. Simply sitting as an empty space waiting for something to eventually fill it. However this is due to the nature of the final zone, for its purpose is to contain what has yet to be encountered. For The Successor realizes that inevitably he will run into a force that he cannot find a way to counter in a way that would result in there permanent removal. In which case, the perfect counter is to find a method of permanent containment, ensuring they are kept in a perpetual state of isolation, a fate which is can be considered just as final as a bullet to the head might be for an average man so far as The Wrought Iron Avenger is concerned. A perfect example of a threat fitting this final category is the criminal element known to most as the Eternal Flame. An entity capable of completely regenerating herself from a state of absolute death with no injuries or long term side effects. This entity, no matter how many times slain can never truly be eradicated, and the destructive nature of her power prevents conventional containment from being effective. However, Pax can never know peace unless even the Eternal Flame is snuffed, as such, it is up to The Wrought Iron Avenger to find this method capable of putting an end to her, her and any others who attempt to stand in his way.
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Name: Jeremy Brown

Age: 42

Job: Detective [Pax PD]

Powers & Abilities
  • Heightened Reaction Speed: Jeremy was born with an active meta-gene. This gave him superior reaction speed in contrast to the normal people around him. He can dodge a bullet clean after it has been shot. The world slows down as an influx of adranaline floods his system. He takes advantage of an otherwise normal bodily function with a vaster degree of control more than any other human.
  • Heightened Agility: The secondary function of his meta-gene gives Jeremy the ability to move in proportion with his perception when it is heightened.
He dedicated his life in service, to his city and his country. One of Pax's finest law enforcement officers, Jeremy Brown was the Ace student of his batch, the metahuman division of the police Academy, graduating with flying colours before joining the PD at the ripe young age of 22. Now 42, Jeremy is a proud asset of the department that has, through merit of his ability, risen to the rank of a detective.

The man refused to sit behind a desk until retirement, why he avoided the post of police commissioner. As a detective, he mostly gets to lead investigations of homicide, an area he preferred to be in. Stressful and Gruesome as it can be sometimes, he wouldn't prefer to be doing anything else, not when the city is infested with scum and villains of all manners. Even if it was insignificant, he refused to stay idle and do absolutely nothing about it.

At home sits a wife and a daughter doing her senior year of college. He loves them dearly and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to them. He would be lying if he said no harm came to them, or schemes were not devised to harm them. Because that would be a lie. Life in Pax was never that certain, especially when you were on the right side of law, and corruption ran as high as the skyscrapers themselves.

Jeremy trusted few to none in his department to not be complicit in at least a few of the attacks targeted to his family. Yet, the most troubling thing is that he had no evidence to accurately paint a picture and say who would harm them.

Jeremy would have them move out of Pax, only none of them would. They wouldn't abandon Jeremy Brown.

Rate of Twist: 1:9.84" RH
Hammer: Striker
Stock Structure: Glock G42
Frame Size: Full
Total Length: 5.94
Total Height: 4.13
Safety3: Safeties

Frame Material: Polymer
Slide Material: Forged Steel
Barrel Material: Steel

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Where Crawls...the Tarantula!

Post by Tarantula » Wed Nov 27, 2019 8:32 pm


The tarantulas, of course, would have it otherwise.
"What justice means to us is precisely that the world be filled with the storms of our revenge"—thus they speak to each other.
"We shall wreak vengeance and abuse on all whose equals we are not."
Aggrieved conceit, repressed envy—perhaps the conceit and envy of your fathers—erupt from you as a flame and as the frenzy of revenge.

Alias: The Tarantula
Real Name: Todd Ripley
Occupation: Vigilante / student (PCC)
Age: 21
Species: Exonormal Human (Psionic)
Archetype: Vigilante
Height: 5'11
Weight: 155 lbs.
Ethnicity: White
Hair: Black

The story so far:
One of Pax City's many lost children, Todd Ripley is practically alone on this Earth. His parents have been absent since he was little, and since turning 19, he's lived with his cousin Maria, only slightly older than he. He has no real friends, only phantom connections to people he works with, or goes to class with at Pax Community College. His relationships are frayed and fraught with frustration. It seems like most people don't know he exists, and those that do hate him. His apartment has begun to feel like a cell. Danger is everywhere.

But recently, he's found out something special about himself. He has certain abilities that have always been just below the surface of his psyche. A breakdown was all it took for them to erupt forth - for him to wake up. There's something in Pax that calls out to special people like him. It needs help, a savior. Someone to fill the boots of the old hero that used to bring people hope. He's got a duty to uphold, a mission to accomplish.

For a while, it looked like he had no future. Now there's no telling what he'll do.

No more liars, hypocrites, cheaters, bullies, or crooks. No more scum ruining the world for everyone else. The little guy is finally going to punch back. That's justice.

Ripley's unique gift is the ability to manifest a potent psionic field around himself. This translucent energy membrane is selectively dense, hardening against physical trauma but still allowing light and air to pass through. The field is always passively interacting with his surroundings, surrounding him in an aura controlled by his subconscious.

When actively guided, however, the field takes the form of a host of extra limbs - arms which appear to protrude from his back. They are immensely strong, capable of easily denting metal with a punch - what's more, they can be summoned in the flash of an eye, reacting faster than even his consciousness can perceive. The field also enhances his regular limbs and body, vastly heightening his strength, durability, and agility.

One of the most peculiar aspects of his mentally-projected arms is that the unique interaction they have with solid matter. Capable of exuding an extremely powerful electrostatic clinging force, these arms enhance the flux of inter-atomic attractive forces on surfaces they touch, increasing the coefficient of friction exponentially. The result is that Ripley can crawl along sheer walls at high speeds, or launch himself through the air by using the telepathically-controlled arms like a slingshot. His equilibrium is also stronger than that of an ordinary human, allowing him to hang upside down without feeling ill side effects, or practice complex acrobatic maneuvers without a hint of nausea.

With focus, he can make the arms themselves invisible like the rest of the bio-field; otherwise, they manifest as ghostly limbs protruding from his back. They can precisely manipulate anything in his environment, extending far beyond the range of a normal limb in the blink of an eye.

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