New Adv RP - The Second Rat

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New Adv RP - The Second Rat

Post by Lev » Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:42 pm

The moderate city of Wudsmouth rests snugly at the edge of county South, permitting entrance to the kingdom of Ruwen. The bustling city holds its origins in trade. Being the mouth of The Vein – the most heavily traveled merchant road in the realm – and the closest connection to civilization outside of the Hunting Wood, it isn't difficult for the city to profit. Where there is profit there are predators.

Only foreigners call Wudsmouth by its given name. Any man that crossed the gates more than once would tell you something less endearing. The Crook’s Coinpurse. As if the threat of an underhanded deal from experienced merchants isn't enough, the city of Wudsmouth is also filled with benefactors of a sneakier sort. No wallet is safe from sticky fingers, no piteous glance left unmilked by watery-eyed vagrants with dirty faces. Despite the efforts of the Count, Ernust Wudsmouth, the crime rate has remained steady, and the thieves healthy. Rarely does a traveler leave the crowded streets unscathed.

Unable to recreate the safe streets of his father twenty years before him, Count Ernust has hired a new advisor who claims to have a plan for salvation. The whispers and dealings of this new player do not bode well for you. You, being one of the hard-working rats in the city slums, after all.

Welcome to The Aerie, home and hiding place of the Macliar (mac – lee – air) Rats, one of the largest thieving broods in the city of Wudsmouth. The Macliars are known among the lowlifes for taking in orphans and children of misfortune. Often, after coming of age or honing strong skills in the art of roguish behavior, their members will leave The Aerie to join other broods or survive on their own. Others choose to stay. Those who do are charged with teaching and caring for the younger members.


Despite the sandbox feel that this RP might give off, I want to warn any interested parties that this WILL NOT be the case. While your actions in the RP will be mostly ungoverned and open-ended, I will have predetermined events and plot points that work to drive the story to a specific outcome.That outcome is, quite simply, an ending. I have no intention of dragging out a perfectly good RP, or letting it become dried out and lifeless from the exhaustion of carrying on with no purpose.

Don't let this discourage you from participating, though! While there will be an ending, YOUR DECISIONS AND ACTIONS WILL EFFECT WHAT THAT ENDING WILL BE! So, please, I invite your effort and inspiration. I'd love to see how this one ends.

That being said, I will be playing one (or a few) character myself, depending on the needs of the RP. However, I won't be posting an CS sheet until I know there's a decent amount of interest in the idea. I'm hoping for at least four people, but three will do. NOT TWO. I'm not looking for a 1x1.

If you have any questions just post below or shoot me a PM.

Otherwise, thanks for checking out my idea. Hope to hear from you.

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